Virtual MD - Virtual Visit

Virtual MD - Virtual Visit

Closed | Opens 8:00 AM Tue | 8:00am to 8:00pm PDT

(949) 248‑8900

Message from the clinic:

THIS APPOINTMENT IS NOT FOR COVID TESTING. If you want a COVID test then please go to the COVID link on our website ( to find the available appts. If you book for COVID test on these appts then you will be transferred to the next available COVID test appt.

Make an appointment for a virtual visit which CAN BE BILLED TO YOUR INSURANCE. If you do not have insurance then the self pay cost is $45/visit. The additional cash charges are for Strep Tests $10, UA Dipstick $10 and Flu Test $15 or Antibody Test $80. If you have any questions about the charges please call us at (714) 903-8900.

Please enter your credit card information before the visit so we can charge your copay, coinsurance or visit cost.


Bookings by Solv.

For emergencies please call 911