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City of Hoboken

PCR ONLY Please present ID mandatory & INS card (if applicable)


605 Jackson St Hoboken, NJ 07030


Message from the clinic:


  1. In order to receive Covid testing you are required to complete the “Paperwork” on next page
  2. Today’s brief PromptMD Medical Eval and Star Labs Covid test will be sent to your insurance for processing.
  3. You will not be responsible for any remaining balance.
  4. Uninsured residents medical evaluation and Covid lab test will be sent to the gov program called “The CARES Act Provider Relief Fund and you will not be responsible for any charges. A state issued ID is required.
  5. NJ Department of Health requires all Covid testing results to be reported to them from the lab.
  6. You will be receiving your results from Star Labs via the confidential email that you provide. By Clicking “Book Visit” you accept.

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For emergencies please call 911