Quick Urgent Care - Virtual Visit

Quick Urgent Care

Virtual Visit

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7:00am to 8:00pm CDT

A message from the clinic:

After scheduling your visit, please complete your registration paperwork, insurance, and enter your credit card information. Complete prior to your visit to avoid delay. By scheduling a visit, you consent to being charged your co-pay amount or $79 for self-pay. Any testing, x-ray, injections, etc will be added charge.

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately. Do not use this system.

If you develop symptoms and/or have been in close proximity with someone known to be COVID-19 (Coronavirus) positive or have traveled to an area that has known community spread of COVID-19, either within the U.S or internationally and do not feel well, please notify the Provider at beginning of visit.


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For emergencies please call 911