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Find and book your annual well-woman's exam in Mead Valley. Convenient, top-rated local providers offering same-day appointments.

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Lani City Medical Urgent Care, Chino

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4036 Grand Ave , Chino, CA 9171027.2 mi

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Recent patient review

Dr. Anna is so great with my kids, they remember her and often ask about her. The staff is friendly and helpful. I’ve only experienced some billing issues, but it’s not reflective of the facility staff.

South Coast Medical Group, Virtual Visit

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Serving all of California

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Recent patient review

Dr Cheng was great. Thank you for being so carrying and thorough. Very much appreciated. I do not know the cost. I would recommend Dr Cheng. Check in on Telemedicine was fine. My daughter booked my appointment.

Central Urgent Medical Care

9695 Baseline Rd , Montclair, CA 9173026.4 mi

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Recent patient review

This was the quickest and easiest place to get a COVID test. Scheduling was easy. Wait was next to nothing and staff was amazing. Highly recommend!

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Well Woman Exam Frequently Asked Questions

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    Where can I get a well-woman exam in Mead Valley?

    In general, well-woman exams will be available at Mead Valley-area urgent care centers, retail clinics and primary care doctor offices. While walk-in appointments are typically available, booking a visit online will reduce your wait time and ensure you get a physical as quickly and easily as possible.

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    How can I book a well-woman exam in Mead Valley?

    If you are looking for a physical exam in Mead Valley, Solv can help you book an appointment. Simply search for Mead Valley-area doctors, find a provider, and book the most convenient time for you. Be sure to include “well-woman exam” as your reason for visit.

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    Can I make a same-day appointment for a well-woman exam in Mead Valley?

    Same-day and next-day appointments for physical exams can easily be booked directly through Solv. Simply search for Mead Valley-area doctors, find a provider, and book an appointment for a well-woman exam as soon as today.

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    How do I find the top-rated womens health specialists in Mead Valley?

    Solv gathers reviews, ratings, and other data on Mead Valley-area general practitioners and women’s health specialists to ensure the clinics provided meet our standards. Search for a provider, see what previous patients think, and book a well-woman exam with a top-rated doctor today!

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    Who should get a well-woman exam?

    Annual well-woman exams are important for women of all ages for preventative care. Women typically begin receiving annual well-woman exams after the age of 21. If you have a concern or suspect you may be pregnant, have an STI or need advice about contraception, don’t hesitate to book a well-woman exam today.

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    Are video visits available with women’s health specialists in Mead Valley?

    Although a complete physical exam cannot be completed over telehealth, your doctor may offer an annual wellness visit (AWV). An AWV is designed to evaluate patients over video and can replace annual physicals for individuals who have already established a relationship with their provider. AWVs do not require BMI and blood pressure measurements. These can either be self-reported or delayed.

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    How much does a well-woman exam cost in Mead Valley?

    Without insurance, a well woman exam in Mead Valley can be anywhere from $90 to $360. Get more accurate cost estimates by searching for a well-woman exam appointment in Mead Valley today.

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    Is a well-woman exam covered by my insurance?

    Annual well-woman exams are typically covered for women under the age of 65. You may be responsible for a copayment, and costs may vary depending on the number of services provided.

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    Are video visits with women’s health specialists covered by my insurance?

    AWVs are generally covered once per calendar year. Your insurance coverage for in-person physicals will be similar to the coverage provided for AWVs. Book a telemedicine visit to see estimated costs in the Mead Valley area.

Well-Woman: Most Helpful Well-Woman Exam Reviews

"The doctor was so friendly, smart, patient, and kind. I really appreciated that he took the time to educate me on the medication I was getting and encouraged me to make sure to make my annual women's exam a priority. I never feel rushed at this urgent care, or like I'm being moved like cattle. Thank you!!"