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3 Effective Strategies to Boost Morale for Your Urgent Care Clinic Staff

3 Effective Strategies to Boost Morale for Your Urgent Care Clinic Staff

If morale is low at your urgent care clinic, you’ve got a problem. According to Harvard Business Review, people are more productive and engaged in what they do when they’re happy. That’s important in any business, and even more so at urgent care clinics, where stakes are high. It’s time to boost morale in your clinic. Here’s how.

1. Celebrate Their Work

Your staff members work hard for your urgent care clinic and its patients. They often invest long hours, and at a certain point, every day starts looking like the one that came before and the one that will come next.

Sometimes, your staff needs a reminder of how much difference their work at your urgent care clinic really makes.

To help them remember, it is important to continuously connect the dots between the feedback your clinic as a whole is receiving, and the role your staff is playing to make that possible. If you use a system to help you collect feedback, such as Solv, this becomes easier to do. For example, you can hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings where you share high level takeaways. On a more regular basis, you can send summary emails around where you call out times that “excellent staff,” or “great service” are mentioned.

At Solv, 93% of feedback that comes in is positive and that feedback goes directly to your staff. It not only reminds your staff that what they are doing matters immensely, but it gives them the peace of mind and confidence in feeling noticed, valued, and appreciated. Barbara Chambers, Head of Operations at Mercy Urgent Care said “my staff loves the immediate feedback from the patients that show the love for our staff!”

If you do not use a system to help collect and manage reviews, this becomes a little more challenging but not impossible. You can contact patients and ask for testimonials on both your medical and administrative staff. Then, share these success stories and testimonials wherever you can: at team meetings, on social media, on your website and in communications with the press.

Whenever you do that, praise the staff members who made it all possible. Let them know that their hard works matters to you.

2. Give Them Career Building Training

Staff members like to be appreciated, especially at intense working environments like urgent care clinics. Showing appreciation for the work they’re already doing is the first step. To boost morale further, show them you believe in their abilities to grow beyond their current role.

Check in with your employees to see what they want. Perhaps your front desk staff members want to move up to management or delve into social media roles. Maybe your medical staff wants greater knowledge in one of their expertise areas, or want to add on a new specialty. Maybe they need assistance improving their writing skills, so they can get their research published at a top notch publication.

Investing in your employees energizes them and gives them drive to invest more in their work. Ultimately, your urgent care clinic will benefit from better trained employees that grow with your organization.

3. Celebrate Their Lives

But it’s not all about work. Your team has homes, families and dreams that go beyond the urgent care clinic. Taking 10 minutes or an hour every now and then to celebrate their lives and share a good laugh will likely boost morale.

Celebrate employee birthdays, the birth of their children, when they buy a house, and yes, when they get a research published in a top notch publication, even if this research has nothing to do with the work they do for your clinic.

Showing employees you care about them as people will build emotional connections with them, which will re-energize the office, because employees will care back.

Just remember to not make it artificial. Giving an employee a cake on his birthday is heartwarming, but giving him guilt-free time off when his elderly parent is sick, or letting him work from home one day a week so he can spend time with his children… that’s what will show him you truly appreciate him.

Action Time

Ask for employee input to learn what’s working for them and what they’d like to change. You can do it in one on one meetings or through an anonymous survey, so employees don’t have to worry about repercussions.

Each quarter, make an effort to implement at least some of the top requests. Gradually, employees will start feeling your appreciation, and morale at your urgent care clinic will no longer be a problem.

If you’re ready to take a leap towards a system that keeps your employees motivated, engaged, and feeling appreciated, consider Solv.

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