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Members of the medical staff at Mimbres Memorial Hospital

Elizabeth Donigan, CRNP - OB-GYN

Elizabeth Donigan, CRNP


Angela Edwards, DPM - Podiatric surgeon

Angela Edwards, DPM

Podiatric surgery

Marina Fedotowsky, CFNP - Family physician

Marina Fedotowsky, CFNP

Family medicine

Dr. Chinwendu Ileka, MD - Internist

Chinwendu Ileka, MD

Internal medicine

Dr. George Lafon, MD - Family physician

George Lafon, MD

Family medicine

Mark Osmer, NP - Family physician

Mark Osmer, NP

Family medicine

Dr. Darwana Ratleff, MD - OB-GYN

Darwana Ratleff, MD



2 reviews

“Things didn’t go as both the doctor and I had planned because of life but she was super understandin...”

Dr. Gary Smith, MD - Cardiologist

Gary Smith, MD


Dr. Jaime Solis, MD - OB-GYN

Jaime Solis, MD


Jose Sosa, NP - Family physician

Jose Sosa, NP

Family medicine

Kristin Thornsberry, NP - Pediatrician

Kristin Thornsberry, NP


Dr. Albert Tuono, DO - General surgeon

Albert Tuono, DO

General surgery

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