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Members of the medical staff at Mountain West Medical Center

Rebekah Aldridge, PAC - Family Physician

Rebekah Aldridge, PAC

Family medicine

Cassie Broadhead, PAC - Orthopedic Surgeon

Cassie Broadhead, PAC



1 review

Catherine Carter, NP - Family Physician

Catherine Carter, NP

Family medicine

Dr. Blaine Cashmore, MD - General Surgeon

Dr. Blaine Cashmore, MD

General surgery

Alex Childs, PA - Family Physician

Alex Childs, PA

Family medicine

Dr. Jacob Daynes, DO - Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Jacob Daynes, DO



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“Great experience and care from Dr. Daynes. ”

Dr. Gordon Duval, DO - Pediatrician

Dr. Gordon Duval, DO


Alma Parker, II MD - Family Physician

Alma Parker, II MD

Family medicine

Mike Rady, NP - Orthopedic Surgeon

Mike Rady, NP


Dr. Ronald Trudel, MD - Internist

Dr. Ronald Trudel, MD

Internal medicine

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