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Urgent Care Treatments

We’ve all had those situations when suddenly – sickness happens. One minute you’re working away at your desk and the next you feel achy, congested, and as though the flu is upon you. Or you’re on a morning run and just hit your stride, when suddenly you feel your ankle crack. When the sickness strikes out-of-the-blue or you sustain an injury while working out, use Solv to get a same-day appointment at your nearest urgent care center and skip the waiting room.

Urgent care offers a convenient way to receive quality health care. You do not need to be an established patient; you can book a same-day appointment, and most locations are open afterhours. Plus, urgent care centers usually provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Treatments for injuries – From broken bones to animal bites and burns to cuts, urgent care centers are equipped to treat a wide variety of injuries.
  • Treatments for illnesses – When you are seeking immediate treatment for an allergic reaction, pink eye, bronchitis, a urinary tract infection, or the common cold, an urgent care center can provide rapid, professional treatment.
  • Preventative care – Flu shots, vaccinations, physicals, travel shots, and more are typically offered at urgent care centers, and receiving these kinds of preventative care is a great way to stay healthy.
  • Diagnostic testing – X-rays, blood work, strep cultures, and other diagnostic testing is made easy when you can get it done at an urgent care center.
  • Pediatric care – Many urgent care centers can provide specialized treatment when the smallest members of your family need immediate care for an injury or illness.

When you book your appointment with Solv, you’ll have the ability to find an appointment on your schedule – whether that’s after regular business hours or on weekends. You’ll also get a confirmed time, so you can avoid waiting in the lobby or waiting room once you get there.

With Solv, you’re able to get in, get out, and get the treatments you need as soon as possible. Use Solv to book your next appointment at an urgent care center near you.

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