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Uday Paul, MD

Internal medicine

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Member of the medical staff at Vista Medical Center

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About Uday Paul, MD

Uday Paul, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine physician seeing patients in our Zion office. Dr. Paul has been practicing for 20 years and treats adults with common illnesses like coughs, colds and allergies as well as more medically complex issues such as congestive heart failure, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. Dr. Paul became a physician to help solve the problems and treat the sicknesses that his patients experience. “My goal is to keep my patients knowledgeable about their health so they can actively participate in their well-being,” he says. He also works hard to connect his patients to community resources they may not know are available such as home health care. Dr. Paul was born in Michigan and grew up in Chicago. He has three children, including twin daughters. In his free time, he enjoys 3D printing projects and hobby electronics.

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