Mental health

Mental health

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A simple, supportive approach to mental health care. Find a therapist today — virtual and in-person care available.


Alma is a diverse network of mental health care providers committed to offering the highest quality of care. Alma believes when therapists have the support they need, care gets better for everyone — allowing you to face life’s challenges and achieve lasting results.




Grief & loss

Life transitions

Sex & intimacy



Personal growth

Most therapists at Alma accept insurance from major companies like Aetna, Cigna, Optum, and more. To see how much your insurance covers and what you’ll owe per session, use
Alma’s cost estimator
tool. Out-of-pocket options are also available, including sliding scale rates based on your income.

Alma’s directory is free and easy to use. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need a little help, the directory will guide you to someone who meets your needs.

Therapy is more impactful when you feel safe and understood — which is why we care so much about finding you the right fit. Alma’s directory lets you search by gender, race, specialty, therapeutic style, type of care (talk therapy or medication management), and more. Most therapists also offer free, 15-minute consultations, so you can explore all your options before you decide.

It’s up to you! Many people prefer to start with weekly sessions, but you can set a cadence that feels right to you and your therapist.

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