HIPAA Consent Authorization

Solv authorization

Solv helps patients access convenient health care options, learn about care options, manage health care profiles and reminders, and book appointment at favorite providers or new providers.

Solv manages and forwards health and health-related information to share with providers. As part of providing this service, Solv may collect, use, share, and exchange your health history forms and other health-related information with providers. Under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), some of this health and health-related information may be considered “protected health information” or “PHI” if such information is received from or on behalf of providers who may be classified as Covered Entities. HIPAA protects how and with whom patients PHI can be disclosed and shared.

PHI Authorization

The purpose of this Solv Authorization (“Authorization”) is to request written permission to allow Solv to use and disclose your PHI in the same way as we use and disclose Non-PHI. If Solv is a Business Associate of a Covered Entity, Solv needs this Authorization to be able to use and disclose PHI in the same way it can currently use and disclose Non-PHI when Solv is not working on behalf of covered entity, but is instead working on its own behalf. Therefore, when Solv relies on this Authorization, and uses and discloses PHI as described in this Authorization, it is not working as a Business Associate and the HIPAA requirements that apply to Business Associates will not apply to such uses and disclosures.

E-signing this Authorization, you give their permission to Solv to retain PHI and to use and/or disclose PHI in the same way that you have agreed that Non-PHI can be used and disclosed.

Specifically, Solv can use PHI to:

The agreement also allows Solv to disclose PHI to:


In case that Solv discloses PHI, Solv will require that the person or entity receiving PHI agrees to only use and disclose PHI to carry out its specific business obligations to Solv or for the permitted purpose of the disclosure (as described above). Solv cannot, however, guarantee that any such person or entity to which Solv discloses PHI or other information will not re-disclose it in ways that you or Solv did not intend or permit.

Expiration and Revocation of Authorization

This Authorization remains in effect until written notice of revocation is provided to Solv.


You must notify Solv in writing to revoke this Authorization. Not executing this Authorization or revoking it at any time will not prevent you from using certain Solv services. A Revocation of Authorization is effective after submitted to Solv, but it does not have any effect on Solv’s prior actions taken in reliance on the Authorization before revoked.

Once Solv receives the Revocation of Authorization, Solv can only use and disclose your PHI as permitted in Solv’s agreements with health care providers. Revoking this Authorization does not affect use of non-PHI data.