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  • Reviewed on Nov 2017

    Had an STD test done just to be safe. That can feel embarrassing. Everyone was professional. The receptionist, not sure of her name, but she was great, she was able to make us laugh in normal casual conversation which helped relax our nerves. The doctor and nurse were fast and efficient. Only recommendation (if even possible) would be same day results. The 3-day wait is nerve racking.

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STD Test Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get a STD test in Boerne?

    Many Boerne-area urgent care centers, retail clinics, and primary care doctor offices are likely to offer STD testing. Other options could include community clinics or Planned Parenthood. While many times you can simply walk in to get an STD test, it is best to book an appointment online to reduce your wait time.

  • Where can I get a STD test after hours in Boerne?

    Outside routine work hours, most Boerne primary care doctor offices are closed, however, most of the area’s urgent care and retail clinics are open after hours and on weekends and could be a great option for getting an STD test. Book an after hours appointment today.

  • How can I book a STD test in Boerne?

    Same-day and next day appointments for STD tests are bookable directly through Solv. Simply search for a Boerne-area doctor, find a provider, and book a time that aligns with your schedule stating “STD test” as your reason for visit.

  • How much does STD testing cost?

    Depending on where you get your STD test, what type of test(s) you are getting, and whether or not you are insured, costs can vary. On average, most pay between $50-100 for initial testing if your insurance is accepted with your medical provider. Without insurance, clinics may charge a visit fee, as well as lab fees, with the combined total reaching up to $400 or higher for a complete STD test before prescription costs.

  • What is STD testing?

    A test for a sexually transmitted disease (or STD test) helps you determine whether you have an STD so you can receive treatment as early as possible and lower your risk for other medical conditions. They can screen for gonorrhea, genital herpes, and HIV, amongst others. Many STDs can cause serious health complications when left untreated and can lead to the development of other illnesses and diseases, so it is important to get tested early.

  • How does STD testing work?

    Different STDs require different tests, so a provider may recommend one or more STD tests. They usually start by gathering a details medical and sexual history, discussing any symptoms and your sexual activity, and then examining a person’s genitals. Based on what's learned, the doctor may take one or more sample for testing. Samples could consist of a blood sample, a urine sample, a swab of the inside of the mouth, and/or a swab from the genitals.

  • How long does STD testing take?

    STD tests can take as little as 2 or 3 days, or up to 10 depending on specific test that are being run. For instance, urine and swab tests typically take less time, whereas blood tests could take up to two weeks. It is also important to note that some clinics do not contact patients with negative results. Make sure to discuss the testing timeframe and communication protocols with your provider.