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CareFirst Primary & Wellness, DeSoto

951 York Dr , Desoto, TX 751154.1 mi

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Recent patient review

Mrs.Nikki Powell and the office staff truly care about people. They do an amazing job at ensuring that your questions are answered and that excellent healthcare is provided. I am grateful to have those that I care about serviced by CareFirst.

EcCare Health Center

911 N Hampton Rd , Desoto, TX 751151.0 mi

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Procare Injury and Rehab Centers

2021 N Hampton Rd , Desoto, TX 751152.8 mi

Methodist Charlton Medical Center

3500 W Wheatland Rd , Dallas, TX 752374.0 mi

Methodist QuickCare Clinic

3335 W Wheatland Rd , Dallas, TX 752374.2 mi

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CareNow Urgent Care, I-20 & Wheatland

39769 I-20 , Dallas, TX 752374.2 mi

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39769 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy , Dallas, TX 752374.2 mi

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Cedar Hill Medical & Surgical Clinic

1121 N Joe Wilson Rd , Cedar Hill, TX 751044.3 mi


726 S Cockrell Hill Rd , Duncanville, TX 751374.3 mi

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39769 Interstate 20 , Dallas, TX 752374.4 mi

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K Clinic

609 S Main St , Duncanville, TX 751165.0 mi

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CareNow Urgent Care, Cedar Hill

345 N Hwy 67 , Cedar Hill, TX 751045.0 mi

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Recent patient review

Dr Jennifer Hammond is horrible and very rude- I will never be seen by her again-my first and last time seeing her! The wait time was under 15 minutes which was great. The rest of the staff was wonderful - very caring and helpful

Concentra Urgent Care

5520 S Westmoreland Rd , Dallas, TX 752376.4 mi

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Redbird Wellness PLLC

1251 E Red Bird Ln , Dallas, TX 752416.7 mi

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Red Bird Minor Emergency Center

4323 S Hampton Rd , Dallas, TX 752327.0 mi

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Recent patient review

They don’t paid attention and very rude, I been waiting for 2 hr to change my medicine because they gave me the wrong one I’m allergic to penicillin. Be careful

Urgent Care Travel - Flying J Travel Plaza (#726)

7425 Bonnie View Rd , Dallas, TX 752417.7 mi

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Recent patient review

My husband and i are truck drivers was told to come here for bloodwork so he coyld get his diabetes meds janunant but you guy are no longer in service we pay for the insurance you offer and wow no facility hes been without it for a week and a half but no ones there thanks for wasting our time

Family Medical Clinics of Dallas

2815 S Hampton Rd , Dallas, TX 752248.7 mi

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Baylor Scott & White Convenient Care - Oak Cliff, Oak Cliff

315 S Hampton Rd , Dallas, TX 7520810.6 mi

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Midlothian Urgent Care Doctors

661 E Main St , Midlothian, TX 7606510.7 mi

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Recent patient review

I want to prerequsite this review by saying I, myself, am a Medical Assistant who has worked in my fair share of Doctor's Offices... that makes me particular about where I go and what provider's I seek care from. BUT, my pickiness aside I want to give a genuine review of my two experiences at this office within the last two weeks and how truly floored I've felt as a result. My first time coming to this office was a scheduled appointment with Dr. Kimberly O. MD, for 2:30 PM. I arrived, checked in, and filled out my paperwork promptly- trying to expedite the process for the MA's working reception as I know how tedious new patient paperwork can be. I was finished with my paperwork before 2:30 hit the clock, and after providing said paperwork wasn't given a timeline or idea of when I'd be taken back. At this point there was one man and his son in the waiting room- the practice seemed very quiet and I assumed I'd be making it back fairly soon after that point. Unfortunately, I was wrong- and proceeded to sit in the waiting room for nearly 25 mins before the MA came to grab me from the waiting room... prior to which I was not spoken to or given a heads up by the front desk. No "So sorry! Dr. O is running just a little behind, she's working as quickly as she can to get caught up." No "We apologize for this wait, if you need us to reschedule you for another time slot we'd be happy to." Not even a "Dr. O is finishing up shortly and will have her MA room you." Nothing, which absolutely rubbed me the wrong way as it's in-courteous to patients to leave them in the waiting room completely clueless as to if they've even been noticed. At the 25 min passed my appointment time, give or take, I was taken back and roomed by the MA. Who was polite, but very quick with taking my vitals- to the point that anything she took was not told to me... just took my temperature, BP, etc and wrote them down, didn't once think to let me know what they were. We filled out the extensive medical chart with all my medications, allergies, medical history, etc as I am a new patient- made sure to document anything pertinent. MA leaves, I proceed to then sit in the room for 10 mins or so before Dr. O comes in to discuss things with me- trailed by a student (who I didn't mind being there whatsoever). Dr. O asked be an extensive amount of very basic medical history questions that were all asked by the MA and recorded in my chart- history of sinus infections, what do I take for them etc... that was the first thing that rubbed me the wrong way, as I felt like Dr. O had spent no time to do even a brief once over of my chart. Following this we discussed next steps, did a Rapid Strep, etc which wound up being negative- this lead Dr. O to decide on a Antibiotic and Steroid combo (what I'm typically given... every time this happens...) and then proceeds to ask me IF I AM ALLERGIC TO ANYTHING. To which I reply, YES- one of the cillins... which caused her eyes to get very large and prompt her to say "WOW, well I'm really glad you told me that!" and leave the room. Fast forward a week to today, I had to book another appointment due to my symptoms being unresolved- this resulted in another visit to the office in which there were no other patients in the waiting room... this time I was only kept waiting in the waiting room for 15 mins passed my appointment time with no courtesy heads up from the MA(s) at the front. Upon being taken back it was the same situation, except I had another person with me to witness it- quick vitals with no information offered on them without asking, etc. MA was in and out, and we then sat in the room for an additionally 20 mins waiting for Dr. O while listening to her converse in the hallway before she entered the room. Exact same play of events again, Dr. O comes in-recaps-and doesn't explain what she's calling me in-then I get sent on my way. I'm honestly ashamed at the lack of care, concern, and quality this practice upholds and to know what a low standard they set for their staff is scary to see as a professional myself. Avoid if you can!

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