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  • eye-vision

    Eye & Vision

    3417 Spectrum Blvd, Richardson, TX 75082
    50 ratings

    Eye & Vision delivers professional, compassionate optometry care to the Richardson and Dallas, TX communities. Dr. Eric Lee has the experience and skills you can trust to meet your eye care needs, from routine examinations to treatment of complicated diseases. Offering same-day optical services, the team at Eye & Vision can help you find the perfect pair of frames or best fitting contacts. Their goal is to make every client feel comfortable, supported and fully educated during every step of their optometry care.

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  • Perception Eyecare + Eyewear

    4150 E Renner Rd Suite 300, Richardson, TX 75082
    60 ratings

    Dr. Kim Uyen Nguyen and Dr. Nghiem Duong are the experienced and professional optometrists at the helm of Perception Eyecare + Eyewear in Richardson, TX. Their team of compassionate medical staff have the knowledge and skills to test, diagnose and treat your eyes with an individualized approach, recognizing that every client's needs are unique. They have expertise in infant and youth eye care, and are prepared to guide you and your family through eye care at any stage. The Perception Team aims to make every trip to the optometrist as easy as possible.

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  • bright-eyes-vision-clinic

    Bright Eyes Vision Clinic

    601 W Farm to Market Rd 544 Suite 111, Murphy, TX 75094
    3 ratings

    At Bright Eyes Vision Clinic, patient care is the top priority. Dr. Bruce Colton and his passionate staff are compassionate and listen to any issues you may be having, and work to create the best solution for your long-term vision health and lifestyle. Dr. Colton goes out of his way to explain your symptoms and answer any and all questions in a detailed, caring way. Their office in Murphy, TX utilizes state of the art vision technology you can trust.

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    Reviewed on Sep 2020

    Highly recomended had a great experiences Dr explained all my questions very happy.

  • eye-care-associates

    Eye Care Associates

    1090 W Campbell Rd Suite 100, Richardson, TX 75080
    134 ratings

    At their new location in Richardson, TX, Dr. Dan Hardin and Dr. Tara Hardin lead Eye Care Associates, a team of dedicated and compassionate medical professionals prepared to support you and your family on the lifelong journey of maintaining and caring for your vision. In addition to regular eye examinations, Dr. Dan Hardin and Dr. Tara Hardin offer important testing for glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. With a large selection of stylish frames and flexible contact lens fitting, Eye Care Associates is your one-stop-shop for optometry needs in Richardson.

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  • Plano Eye Associates

    5900 Coit Rd, Plano, TX 75023
    454 ratings

    The robust team at Plano Eye Associates can help with eye health maintenance, preventative care, treatment of complicated eye diseases and conditions, and help see you through imporant eye health decisions. With the goal of helping you and your family establish healthy habits to ensure strong vision long into the future, Plano Eye Associates offers friendly, professional, compassionate and patient-focused optometry services to clients of all ages.

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  • Legacy Vision

    6909 Coit Rd Suite 200, Plano, TX 75024
    16 ratings

    Dr. Ken Kirkland, an experienced, professional, compassionate and skilled optometrist, leads a team of equally dedicated medical staff at Legacy Vision in Plano, TX. Trained in the top industry techniques you can trust to maintain eye health, Dr. Kirkland and his team are prepared to welcome and serve clients of all ages at their state-of-the-art facility. They'll see you through your unique vision care needs with individualized treatment plans, delivered with a gentle touch.

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  • works-family-eye-care

    Works Family Eye Care

    601 S Plano Rd, Richardson, TX 75081
    70 ratings

    Works Family Eye Care is a comprehensive eye care center conveniently located in Richardson, TX. The team at Works Family Eye Care wants to make their services work for you, with appointments offered on Saturdays and on a walk-in basis. They accept most insurance coverage, and also offer flexible payment plans for folks who don't have insurance. Works Family Eye Care believes that your overall health is essential to maintaining eye health, and will work with each client to determine the best treatment plan for their unique needs.

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  • lighthouse-eye-care

    Lighthouse Eye Care

    8080 Independence Pkwy Suite 100, Plano, TX 75025
    144 ratings

    The professional staff at Lighthouse Eye Care in Plano, TX, want to help ensure that you and your family see as clearly as possible, now and into the future. Empathetic and compassionate medical professionals will provide high-quality customer service at Lighthouse Eye Care, whether you need basic vision checks, specialized care, including Myopia control and dry eye treatment, or other ophthalmic services. The staff at Lighthouse Eye Care will work to answer every question you have during your journey to better eye health.

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  • lakeside-vision-and-optical

    Lakeside Vision And Optical

    4012 Preston Rd Suite 500, Plano, TX 75093
    341 ratings

    Dr. Deborah Moon has more than 23 years of experience delivering high-quality optometry services. Dr. Moon is a Therapeutic Optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist who leads the expert team of professionals at Lakeside Vision and Optical. Their state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in Plano, TX. You and your family can count on Lakeside Vision and Optical for medical care as well as stylish and affordable lenses, frames, and contacts. Dedicated to providing you with compassionate, personalized and comprehensive eye care, Dr. Moon and her team are a trusted resource for clients of all ages.

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  • focus-on-eyes

    Focus On Eyes

    101 S Coit Rd Suite 343, Richardson, TX 75080
    54 ratings

    Prioritize your vision at Focus on Eyes in Richardson, TX. Dr. Karen Pressburger leads with experience at Focus on Eyes, where she and her team provide comprehensive vision services, from emergency eye care to regular examinations. Clients should expect direct, meaningful contact with Dr. Pressburger, including full explanations of options and support through decision-making. At Focus on Eyes, their goal is to provide individualized care and attention to every unique set of eyes in their care. You can count on their team to work with you and your needs.

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  • contact-lens-eyecare-gallery

    Contact Lens & Eyecare Gallery

    14300 TX-121 Suite 180, Frisco, TX 75035
    58 ratings

    At Contact Lens & EyeCare Gallery in Frisco, TX, the team of experienced and compassionate professionals are equipped with top-notch technology to provide high-quality optometry services to you and your family. Dr. Darlene Jones is a therapeutic optometrist with the knowledge you can trust to care for eye health ranging from regular exams to more advanced treatment of complex conditions like keratoconus. Dr. Jones is friendly, collaborative, and patient in her treatment of each unique client's eyecare needs.

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  • trinity-vision

    Trinity Vision

    17721 Dallas Pkwy Suite 118, Dallas, TX 75287
    48 ratings

    Dr. Donna K. Haas opened Trinity Vision in 2007, and has been providing top-notch optometry services to the Dallas, TX., community for over 10 years. Offering optometry services from refracting for glasses and contact lenses, pre-op and post-op Lasik care to diagnosis and care of Ocular disease, Dr. Haas and her team are reliable and trusted resources to care for you and your family. Dr. Haas wants to help you see and experience the difference with her expertise at Trinity Vision.

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  • first-eye-care-prestonwood

    First Eye Care Prestonwood

    5455 Belt Line Rd Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75254
    55 ratings

    At First Eye Care Prestonwood, located in far north Dallas, TX, clients are welcomed by friendly, professional medical staff who are trained to provide top-notch customer service and eye care. With the technology you trust, the First Eye Care Prestonwood team can guide you through eye care, whether it's preventative or treatment-based support that you need. Experience and skills in treating clients of all ages and with varying levels of vision, the First Eye Care Prestonwood Team is prepared to explain your options in an accessible and compassionate manner.

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  • see-clear-eye-care

    See Clear Eye Care

    8055 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX 75251
    48 ratings

    Who doesn't want to see clear? At See Clear Eye Care, Dr. Farah Hassam and Dr. Sally Tam have the experience and knowledge to help you and your family do just that. Committed to providing you with the highest-quality customer service and compassionate eye care, you can trust the experienced professionals at See Clear Eye Care team for convenient, affordable comprehensive services, even during evening and weekend hours.

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  • frisco-eye-care

    Frisco Eye Care

    2930 Preston Rd Suite 905, Frisco, TX 75034
    104 ratings

    At Frisco Eye Care, the team of dedicated, professional staff is lead by experienced optometrist Dr. Diana Lee. Dr. Lee believes that high-quality eye care starts with regular, accurate eye examinations, combined with the support and care of a knowledgeable team of healthcare experts. With the goal of helping you understand all of the aspects that go into eye health, you and your family can rely on Frisco Eye Care and Dr. Lee to keep you up to speed with your eye care.

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  • williams-eye-care

    Williams Eye Care

    2601 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75034
    111 ratings

    You and your family can trust your eye health in the team of collaborative, experienced professionals at Williams Eye Care in Frisco, Plano and Fairview, TX. Specializing in pediatric optometry, Williams Eye Care staff is known for offering caring and compassionate customer serivce to clients of all ages. Looking at eye care from the big picture, Williams Eye Care staff aim to educate every client on the habits that can promote eye health in the long run. At their comfortable and professional clinics, Williams Eye Care is prepared to help you maintain your vision.

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  • complete-family-eye-care

    Complete Family Eye Care

    8994 Tour Dr, McKinney, TX 75070
    48 ratings

    Dr. Kenneth Garza and Dr. Bita Garza lead the dedicated staff of medical professionals at Complete Family Eye Care. You'll feel like family with the collaborative, compassionate and friendly staff at Complete Family Eye Care. With experience caring for people of all ages, Complete Family Eye Care can provide you and your family with exactly that–comprehensive, professional and thorough optometry in one state-of-the-art facility. From regular eye exams to specialized surgery and treatment plans, you'll see why patients return to Complete Family Eye Care for their eye health year after year.

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Optometry Guide

Treatment & Services

Optometry is a specialty that focuses on the care of the eyes. When you make an optometry appointment, you’ll see either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. There are slight differences between the services these two doctors provide. For example, an optometrist usually handles routine eye examinations. They can look for problems with your eyes as well as check to see if your vision is normal. This might include doing a distance vision test, eye movement test, refraction test, and more. If you can’t see clearly, they will prescribe glasses or contact lenses. An optometrist may also be able to prescribe prescriptions to help you with small problems, such as dry eye or an eye infection. However, for more serious issues, they’ll refer you to an ophthalmologist.

An ophthalmologist is different from an optometrist because they not only provide routine eye care, but they are also trained to perform eye surgery for various conditions. This might include cataracts, glaucoma, cornea and retina issues, and more. Many of these diseases can be treated with laser surgery, refractive lens exchange, and implantable lenses.

Insurance & Cost

For those individuals who have vision insurance, it should cover all visits related to optometry. However, this type of insurance package is usually an add-on to normal health insurance. Additionally, if you have insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, most plans do not offer any adult vision coverage. If you’d like to purchase a vision care plan on your own, these typically cost between $150 to $180 a year. In most cases, they cover the cost of one eye exam as well as either new frames or lenses up to $120.

If you’re going to the optometrist or ophthalmologist without insurance, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to over $100 for a standard eye exam. If you wear contact lenses, you may also have to pay an additional fitting fee. If you need testing for glaucoma, expect your eye exam cost to be somewhere between $100 and $150.



Rather than waiting on hold to make an appointment with your local optometry center,  try using Solv. It’s a fast and easy solution that lets you browse doctors in your area, find one with an opening, and book a same-day appointment all through an online system.

Most optometry offices hold standard business hours, meaning they’re open from approximately 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Of course, many do offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate those with busy lifestyles, so you may be able to schedule a visit without taking time off work.

Fortunately, you should only need an optometry appointment every one to two years, depending on your doctor’s recommendation. If you have an eye condition, they may recommend coming back sooner or more frequently. Unless you require additional testing, the average eye exam only lasts 20 to 30 minutes, meaning you can get back to your daily routine quickly.