When you need urgent medical care, the last thing you want to do is drive to a nearby urgent care only to find it is closed. Such a frustrating waste of time. Instead, you want to find an urgent care open now. Sometimes "open now" is more important how close the location is, or even if it has great patient reviews or now. All you’re after could be a quick diagnosis and prescription so you can be on your way. Based on your location, here is a list of urgent care centers that are open now. The most relevant, closest and highest rated are automatically listed first for your convenience.

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Urgent Care FAQs

  • What is urgent care?

    Urgent care centers are on-demand clinics conveniently located to help patients in need of non-emergent healthcare services. Sometimes they are mistakenly confused with hospital emergency rooms, but ERs are meant to address serious and life threatening medical conditions. Urgent care centers generally treat patients with minor injuries and illnesses, saving them the time, headache and expense of an ER. Common services of and symptoms and conditions treated at urgent care centers include cold and flu symptoms, infections, fractures and sprains, cuts and burns, scrapes, stings and bites, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and much more. Many of these walk-in clinics offer both diagnostic and preventive care including annual well visits, vaccinations, STD testing and annual physicals.

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  • When are urgent care centers open?

    Most urgent care centers are open 7 days a week and are only closed for a handful of days a year, including Thanksgiving and Christmas Days. Further, urgent care clinics are designed to serve your healthcare needs when your primary care provider is not available. That generally means these walk-in clinic are open both before and after your PCP office is closed with many clinics open 12 hours a day (e.g. 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, etc.) 7 days a week. Weekend hours may be a bit less. It is important to note, however, that all clinics operate their own hours of operation and you need to check with the specific location you are looking to visit to verify their hours before visiting.

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  • How long will I have to wait at an urgent care?

    The reason walk-in clinics - specifically urgent care centers - exist at all is because of long wait times. Patients don’t want to wait weeks to get into the primary care office. They don’t want to wait hours at an ER only to pay outrageous costs. In our on-demand economy, they want to be seen now. Luckily, urgent care wait times generally average between 15-45 min nationally. Depending on the time of day and the volume of patients seen at a specific clinic, that wait time may increase or decrease. Typically Monday is the busiest day for urgent care centers while Friday and Saturday are routinely the slowest (unless your clinic is open on Sunday). To expedite the wait time further, many clinics are using services like Solv to offer online bookings for urgent care visits. Book ahead and skip the wait!

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  • Are urgent care centers open weekends and holidays?

    All urgent care centers are different when it comes to hours and days of operations, but many locations are open nearly 365 days a year. The most common holidays recognized are Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. And if a clinic is routinely closed a consistent day of the week, it would likely be Sunday, with perhaps truncated hours on Saturday. It’s really up to the clinic operators to decide what days they are open, so always check the urgent care near you to confirm their status.

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  • When should I go to the urgent care?

    If you or a family member are sick, then you will need to quickly determine where to go for medical care. Urgent care clinics are available to support patients going through non-emergent injuries and illnesses, usually when your primary care provider isn’t available and when your medical needs don’t necessitate a trip to the emergency room. If it’s urgent and after hours, or if you need one-time help that’s not related to a chronic or long term condition, that’s usually a great time to visit an urgent care center. Find an urgent care open now on Solv!

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  • Do I need an appointment at an urgent care center?

    If you need to see a doctor, the last thing you want to do is wait around in a medical office lobby until the staff calls you back. Even at an urgent care center, that could be upwards of 60 minutes of waiting. So while you don’t technically need an appointment at an urgent care center - virtually all urgent care clinics accept walk-in patients - booking your visit in advance with Solv allows you to cut your wait time significantly and even untether you from the waiting room altogether. In fact, walk-in patients without an appointment wait at least 2 times longer than those who booked online in advance.

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