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General Wellness Tests

General health and wellness tests can assess your risk for certain diseases and medical conditions. These general health panels check important biometric markers for both men and women.

Basic Health Profile Test

Assess your overall health with a comprehensive analysis including blood count, metabolic panel, cholesterol, and urinalysis.

Comprehensive Health Profile Test

Get a thorough understanding of your well-being through tests including blood count, metabolic panel, cholesterol, vitamin D, HbA1c, hs-CRP, and urinalysis.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) Blood Test

The CMP includes 14 tests: ALP, ALT, AST, bilirubin, BUN, creatinine, sodium, potassium, carbon dioxide, chloride, albumin, total protein, glucose, and calcium.

Lead Test

The measures the levels of lead in the bloodstream.

Gout Test

This measures the level of uric acid in your blood, which helps diagnose gout and kidney stones.

Iron Deficiency Test

This measures iron, total iron-binding capacity, and ferritin levels in your blood.

Kidney Test (Kidney eGFR Test)

This measures your creatinine, eGFR, and Albumin levels to help determine your risk for kidney disease.

Stress Nutrition Test

This test measures the F2-isoprostane/creatinine ratio.

Blood Type Test

This identifies your blood group (A, B, AB, or O) and detects the Rh antigen.

Lipid Panel Test (Cholesterol Panel Test)

This panel measures your levels of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides.

Total Cholesterol Test

This test measures total cholesterol, which is the sum of LDL, or "bad' cholesterol, and HDL, or "good" cholesterol.

Blood Glucose (Sugar) Test

This test measures the glucose levels, a type of sugar, in your blood.

A1C Test

This measures the level of sugar-coated hemoglobin protein in the blood.

Prothrombin Time Test

The PT/INR Test measures how long it takes for blood to clot.

Prostate Screening PSA Test

This test measures the level of prostate-specific antigen in the blood.

Testosterone (Low T) Test

This test measures the level of testosterone in the blood.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test

This test checks for various substances in your urine and to look for evidence of a urinary tract infection.

Vitamin B12 Test

This measures the level of vitamin B12 in your blood.

Vitamin D Test

This test measures the level of Vitamin D in your blood.

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