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We’re harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to help you grow your business while reducing busywork and cost.

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Our vision

AI is rapidly changing the world, impacting all industries and creating opportunities for unparalleled growth. On-demand care has always been an early adopter within healthcare, rising to patient demands for convenience and transparency. By leveraging AI, providers can deliver a better patient experience than ever before, while saving time and reducing costs. Let Solv do this for you, so you can focus on providing your patients with high-quality care.

  • Trust & transparency

    We’re always transparent about where and how we use AI to improve operational efficiency and patient engagement.

  • Control

    Our AI-assisted tools allow for customization and patient-facing communications can be edited before being sent.

  • Data privacy

    Your data is protected by strict, HIPAA-compliant security protocols and is never used to improve third-party AI models.

Take a look at Solv’s latest AI features

Maximize clinic throughput with capacity analysis that accounts for all patients—whether they book ahead or walk in—and automatically updates your queue and availability

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Respond to patients 3x faster—and still sound like a human—with AI-generated, customized review response drafts

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Machine learning increases the accuracy of our cost estimation, so you can collect upfront payment while reducing refunds

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Automatically engage patients via webchat day or night, increasing booking conversion and lightening administrative load

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With our sentiment analysis tools, you can glean insight from NPS responses and reviews at scale, identifying opportunities for improvement

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Prevent staff burnout and fatigue by reducing manual data entry and automating tasks

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Transform your business with Solv’s AI‑powered tools

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