Save time for your front desk team

Solv's EHR interfaces make managing patient data and scheduling fast, easy and secure.

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Fewer clicks, fewer mistakes

Data Connect instantly moves patient information from Solv into your EHR, without the need to point and click. That means less work for your staff and improved data accuracy in your EHR.

Direct EHR integrations streamline your workflow

Using an open EHR system? Solv supports API-based integrations that use healthcare
technology standards (HL7) to automatically transfer patient info.

Eliminate data entry at your front desk

Display real-time appointment availability

Schedule appointments online and write them to your EMR

Save 5 minutes of data entry

per patient

100+ successful EHR connections

through our partner, Redox

Supported EHRs With Direct Integrations

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Robotic automations put your data on autopilot

Closed EHR system? Solv supports secure and HIPAA-compliant AI-based robotic
automations that do all the clicking and copying for you.

Automatically import patient info to your EHR

Instantly add appointments to your schedule

Transfer data with secure, HIPAA-compliant encryption

50% of providers

will invest in robotic automations by 2023

10hrs of EMR work

work saved for your front desk staff each week
(Solv internal data)

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