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A drawing of a teleconference meeting between a doctor and a patient.
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Easy to use, fast to launch

A drawing of a chat interface on a mobile phone

Providers love Solv Video Telemed for its intuitive UI and the ability to get up and running quickly. There’s no app download or login required so providers can start seeing patients immediately —Solv partners go-live in as little as 24 hours.

A drawing of a video chat between a doctor and a patient

Works with your workflow

A drawing of a video chat between a doctor and a patient

Solv Video Telemed was created specifically for providers in healthcare, built to integrate the entire patient workflow—from a scheduled or ASAP visit to the virtual waiting room, patients’ virtual experience will be seamlessly integrated into your business’ needs. Solv is HIPAA compliant and secure so you can feel confident in allowing the platform to handle everything from paperwork to payment collection.

A drawing of a chat interface on a mobile phone

Keep patients for life

A drawing of a chat interface on a mobile phone

Consumer focused healthcare is in Solv’s DNA. You’ll create loyal patients for life when you provide a new level of access to your patient base using Solv Video Telemed. Solv’s patient feedback collection enables you to have a direct line into consumer preferences so you can continue delivering exceptional care that patients want.

Telemed Keeps You Running During COVID-19

Maintain Patient Traffic

In-person visit volume is down more than 50% nationally. Video visits allow you recapture lost traffic by seeing non-COVID patients virtually, while keeping them safe.

Triage COVID-19 Cases

Help patients with COVID-19 symptoms or questions get answers quickly and safely before their visit. Address their concerns and stop COVID-19 spread with a video visit.

Keep Providers Safe and Busy

Keep physicians 'safe at home' if exposed to COVID-19 or quarantine. Keep seeing patients by letting providers work remotely.

All the features you need to deliver virtual care

  • Marketing kit

    Solv supports your telemed launch with email, social, SMS, and clinic signage resources.

  • Virtual waiting rooms

    Patients can enter a virtual queue and get real-time information about wait-times.

  • On-demand and scheduled visits

    Allow patients to select same or next day visits, or to be seen ASAP if your providers are available.

  • Digital registration and consent

    Digitally collect patient demographics and insurance information for a seamless workflow.

  • Payment collection

    Process patient co-pays prior to each visit, or go completely cash pay and collect the entire fee.

  • Patient engagement and surveys

    Real-time feedback is collected after your virtual visit and a two-way chat can facilitate any follow-up.

Success Stories with Solv

Solv Video Telemed helps us seamlessly adapt to a changing environment. We are able to enable remote providers to help with load balancing—this also ensures the safety and protection of our patients and staff during COVID-19 while maintaining capacity.

We got Solv Video Telemed up and running within 1 day, and held over 550 video visits in the first two weeks of going live. With telemed, we can now accommodate both provider and patient preferences and keep visit volumes up.

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