Today Solv is announcing a new data partnership program, Solv Data Connect, that allows urgent care centers to easily share data between Solv and their EHR system. Data Connect is Solv's pledge to openness and interoperability with other healthcare technology providers, and places a significant ...

Solv and the Women’s Choice Award today announced the winners of their co-produced awards program that has recognized the top 2% of all urgent care providers throughout the country for providing the highest-quality, patient-focused care to women. “In today’s rapidly growing world of consumer-foc...

We caught up with Dr. Robert Rohatsch. Dr. Rohatsch is an absolute force in the convenient care industry and has built a career around bringing a heightened consumer focus to urgent and retail medicine. As CEO of Urgent Care & Retail at Banner Health, Rohatsch built-out the C-suite...

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