Solv Puts 100M+ Americans Within Reach Of A COVID-19 Vaccine In Preparation For Supply Surge

Solv Puts 100M+ Americans Within Reach Of A COVID-19 Vaccine In Preparation For Supply Surge
  • Solv is Working with to Connect People to Local Vaccination Sites with Vaccine Availability
  • Solv for Vaccines Solution Equips Health Departments to Ramp Up Multiple New Vaccination Sites and Start Booking High-Volume, High-Speed Appointments in Less Than a Week
  • Solv Ready with Capacity to Book 100s of Thousands of Vaccine Appointments Daily in Anticipation of Expected Surge in Vaccine Availability

SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2021 — Solv, the company making healthcare convenient for everyone, today announced that it has the capacity to put 100M+ Americans within a five mile radius of a same-day appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine. Solv is also partnering with public health departments across the country to spin up public-private partnerships to set up new vaccination sites and start booking high-volume appointments in less than a week in preparation for the anticipated surge in vaccine supply and the president’s May 1 deadline for open vaccine eligibility.

Solv offers Solv for Vaccines, the most robust, reliable and consumer-friendly vaccine appointment scheduling system built on the Solv platform that has booked more than 28 million convenient care appointments, across all 50 states. Solv is currently working in partnership on high-volume COVID-19 vaccination efforts with more than 20 public health departments across six states, including counties in Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, adding more partnerships each week to help the country meet aggressive goals for national herd immunity. Solv is working with, the tool used by the CDC, to provide real-time vaccine appointment availability via the Solv app and online at

“We’re coming out of a long winter of vaccine scarcity and our mental model has to change fast - from scarcity to surplus,” said Heather Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Solv. “We need to be thinking bigger and faster.” Fernandez continued, “We’ve seen incredible success when leaders make the shift in mindset. If we’re mentally prepared to move quickly, there’s no reason we can’t get to the president’s fourth of July goal. Possibly sooner. We are ready with the tools for a max vax world.”

For the most vulnerable citizens in the US - the elderly, those with comorbidities, front line workers - the lack of supply and limited access to vaccines created a sense of fear, uncertainty, and even hopelessness. The uneven and disjointed vaccine rollout compounded feelings of anxiety for many Americans. The problem of vaccine scarcity, requiring precision distribution, is about to switch over to a problem of speed and volume, as vaccine supply comes online and eligibility is opened to the general population.

With the ability to connect 100M+ Americans across all 50 states to a same-day healthcare appointment within five miles, Solv has one of the largest networks in the nation for accessing convenient care. Solv’s high=capacity scheduling system has already handled the administration of more than seven million COVID-19 tests and helps millions of patients connect to healthcare every month, reliably handled system traffic spikes up to 14x during peak COVID-19 testing season.

As vaccine supply surges in the coming weeks, the challenge will be to get doses in arms and avoid unnecessary delays - making it imperative to prepare now. Critical parts of this challenge include: vaccination sites adapting their schedules, making it easy for people to pre-register, understand when and where they can most easily get vaccinated, and move them through the process as quickly as possible.

Solv for Vaccines:

  • Speed: Set up multiple new vaccination sites simultaneously, in less than a week. Solv-powered sites can begin booking appointments in as little as four days. Patients can move through the vaccination process in as quickly as five minutes, with pre-registration and an advance check-in process.
  • Scale: On-demand vaccine appointment system reliably handles millions of patients each month. Solv simplifies vaccine site workflow, manages two-dose scheduling and books thousands of patients daily.
  • Access: Increases equitable access through easy vaccine scheduling options. Solv offers a simple patient user experience via phone, web or mobile app - no logins or downloads required. Provides efficient multi-dose vaccine scheduling and automated follow up reminders.

Solv’s COVID-19 Response

Solv for Vaccines builds upon Solv’s COVID-19 testing solution, which has been used to schedule more than 7 million COVID-19 tests to date and was instrumental in the effort to contain the coronavirus in Seattle. Thousands of hospital systems, government organizations, private practices, urgent care centers, and community pop-up sites have leveraged Solv technology to support their testing initiatives.

In December 2020, Solv began partnering with state and municipal health departments and the National Guard in individual states, to quickly ramp up COVID-19 vaccination efforts across the country, with the capacity to manage appointments for hundreds of thousands of patients a day once vaccine supply is available. In January 2021 Solv announced the availability of Solv for Vaccines and as of March 2021, Solv is rolling out high-volume, high-speed vaccination sites in partnership with more than twenty public health departments from coast to coast.

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