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Patient Experience

Compassion Fatigue: Support Your Staff and Combat Risks to Patient Experience

Support tired and stressed out staff so that they can be empowered to provide the best patient experience possible.

Urgent Care

3 Myths of the Urgent Care Ecosystem: Delivering Patient-Centered Care in a New Era

Consumers are driving the momentum for change in their healthcare services. Don't fall for the myths that may be impeding growth (hint: 7 out of 10 consumers would leave a provider who didn't offer telemedicine - telehealth is here to stay! Watch this on-demand webinar for insights and strategies f

Practice Growth

Fill Your Schedule: Driving Growth During the Summer

The summer months are typically slower for patient visits—but they don’t have to be. Looking for new strategies to keep your schedule full? Watch this on-demand webinar for insights and strategies from industry experts.

Practice Growth

What now? Urgent Care in a Post-COVID World

Today we seeing COVID-related visits to urgent care centers erode, rapidly returning our industry to a new normal, perhaps much more quickly than anticipated. The question now is, “How do we successfully transition out of COVID?” Join this on-demand webinar as industry expert provide guidance.

Clinic Operations

How Solv Delivers Huge Customer Value with EHR Integration

Join Solv and Redox with special guest PM Pediatrics for a discussion on improving patient experience through EHR integrations and how technology and care come together during a time of constant change and high patient volumes. Watch on-demand webinar now.

Clinic Operations

How to Successfully Support Vaccine Administration with Solv

With COVID-19 vaccine production surging, more providers and clinics are stepping up to support vaccine administration within their communities. To deliver vaccines efficiently and effectively, quickly equipping teams with better tools for patient scheduling, screening, and communication is key for

Patient Experience

3 Strategies for Seeing High Patient Volumes

The patient need for COVID testing has skyrocketed. With people turning to urgent care and retail health clinics across the country, you have an opportunity to help your community and build patient loyalty by providing an outstanding, safe experience. Solv has outlined 3 strategies to prepare your

Clinic Operations

How to Tackle COVID Vaccine Challenges and Speed Up Delivery

Join Solv and U.S. Digital Response for an on-demand webinar discussing common workflow challenges faced during initial COVID vaccine administration and how to overcome them, critical components to planning for and setting up your vaccine efforts, and how to deliver a patient experience that exceeds

Patient Experience

The Consumer Check-Up: Lessons in Patient Loyalty from the Las Vegas Strip

Join Heather and Sunny Tara, former executive with Casesars Entertainment as they explore what drives loyalty to casinos, how that applies to healthcare, and what changes in consumer behavior mean for the future of patient experience.

Clinic Operations

Flu-proof Your Clinic for 2020-21... with a COVID twist

This upcoming flu season is certainly to be like no other we've seen before. With everyone in masks out in public, it could be that we have the lightest flu season ever. Or, every cough, slight fever, and sneeze could be a rush to the urgent care for both a COVID and flu test. How to you hope for th

Patient Experience

Consumer Check-up: A Lesson in Patient Experience from a Hospitality Exec

Solv CEO Heather Fernandez and Gerard Van Grinsven, former executive of The Ritz-Carlton and prior CEO of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital for a discussion on creating best-in-class consumer experiences in healthcare.

Patient Experience

Marketing Changes Needed to Win New Patients in 2020

2020 has been an unpredictable and tumultuous year. Between inconsistent patient volumes and adapting to a new hybrid world of virtual and in-person strategies, the industry has met countless new challenges. But your job of acquiring new patients never ceases. Join Solv and MultiCare Health System

Clinic Operations

Master the Next Generation of Healthcare: Contactless Patient Experiences

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic and we all adapt to a new normal, we are faced with an evolved set of consumer expectations framed by fear and uncertainty. The leading trend: contactless experiences. In this panel discussion featuring executives from leading urgent care operators, we

Case Studies

City of Seattle COVID-19 Testing: A study on how they are leading the way

The City of Seattle was ground zero fo the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. They've been a national leader in their response and testing strategies ever since. Join Solv as we go behind the scenes and discuss the planning and execution of their acclaimed city-wide COVID-19 testing programs that are proc

Industry Updates

Understanding Consumer Telemed Preferences

Solv conducted a consumer insights survey to get a pulse on consumer sentiment and healthcare preferences as the industry enters a new generation. Join us for this on-demand webinar as we review what we've learned and give you actionable insights to adapt your practice to keep your patients, staff,

Patient Experience

5 Telemed Mistakes You Made During COVID

According to an industry survey, 78% of provider groups now have a telemed initiative, and the far majority have been stood up during the first 60 days of the COVID-19 pandemic. And according to Solv's own consumer insights research, patients will remain loyal to providers who continue to offer virt

Clinic Operations

Beyond COVID-19: Evolving your urgent care for the future

The global pandemic has forced urgent care to shift to telemed, furlough staff, and even close temporarily (or permanently). It seems unlikely that a pure-play urgent care business model as we know it today will be sustainable in the future. Join Solv and the Urgent Care Association (UCA) for this o

Practice Growth

COVID-19 + Telemed: Marketing Your Telemed Services

In the first two installments of our Telemed & COVID-19 webinar series, we discussed the role of telemed during the coronavirus pandemic as well as how to get your providers set-up to see patients in under 7 days. For Part 3 of our series, we will recap the role of telemed during this crisis, as

Clinic Operations

COVID-19 + Telemed: Go Live in 7 Days or Less

As partners to the convenient care industries, we recognize that convenient care is on the front lines of the response to COVID-19. Touching over a million patients per month in convenient care locations across the country, Solv is in a unique position to see what leading health systems and urgent c

Industry Updates

COVID-19 + Telemed: The Impact of the Pandemic

As partners to the urgent care and convenient care industries, we recognize that convenient care is on the front lines of the response to COVID-19. Join us for a special on-demand webinar as we share best practices and resources operators need to investigate the implementation and use of Video Telem

Patient Experience

Creating Patient Magic at Your Urgent Care

Consumers today simply expect more - control, certainty, transparency, convenience. These expectations are sometimes challenging to fulfill, but when you fluidly weave them into your business, you create patient magic! Join Solv as we walk-thru a tactical approach to fulfilling consumer expectations

Patient Experience

Generational Differences: How to Please Every Patient

A Boomer, a Gen-Xer and a Millennial walk into an urgent care. This isn’t a joke. This is your waiting room. Now what? How do you make them all happy? Learn what you can do as an urgent care to maximize patient satisfaction (and business growth) across the generational divide.

Clinic Operations

Winning Flu Season (2019)

Flu season is rapidly approaching. If it’s anything like 2018, urgent care volumes will see an exponential boom from December thru February. Watch this free, on-demand webinar featuring expert urgent care operators as we walk thru strategies that will help you flu-proof your clinic and keep your pat

Practice Growth

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