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How to Tackle COVID Vaccine Challenges and Speed Up Delivery

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The COVID vaccine is here and is offering hope for people in the community. For healthcare providers, administration of vaccines is complicated: priority order, clinical requirements, multi-dose scheduling, and capacity management make distribution challenging. And setting up a vaccination workflow that is not only efficient but also compliant is proving a harder challenge than anticipated as headlines flood the news of distribution missteps.

As experts in helping local and state organizations quickly and effectively stand-up COVID services, Solv is equipped to help local city, state, and healthcare organizations deliver a streamline, organized, and easy-to-manage vaccine distribution workflow.

Join Solv and U.S. Digital Response to learn:

  • Common workflow issues we’re seeing and how to overcome them
  • Critical components to planning for and setting up your vaccine efforts
  • How to deliver a patient experience that exceeds expectations


  • Rob Rohatsch, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Solv
  • Elham Ali, MPH, PMP, NREMT-B, Health Data Technologist-in-Residence, Design Lead at U.S. Digital Response
  • Lauren Tien, MPH, Government Partnerships, Product Analyst at Solv.

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