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City of Seattle COVID-19 Testing: A study on how they are leading the way

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The City of Seattle was ground zero fo the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. They've been a national leader in their response and testing strategies ever since. Join Solv as we go behind the scenes and discuss the planning and execution of their acclaimed city-wide COVID-19 testing programs that are processing 1,500+ tests a day per testing site.

Solv is working with providers and communities across the country to deploy new and evolve existing public-private partnerships to aid and democratize COVID-19 testing. Join us live as we:

  • Review a current state of COVID testing across the U.S.
  • Outline the the different public and private models for testing
  • Explore how the City of Seattle democratized access to COVID-19 testing throughout the city and are processing more than 1,500 tests a day per testing site
  • Review best practices in consumer engagement and communication to support your COVID testing operations
  • Leverage Solv’s nationwide network of providers to expand testing access across your communities

Special guests

  • Julie Kline, Senior Public Safety Advisor, City of Seattle
  • Leah Tivoli, Manager, Innovation & Performance, City of Seattle
  • Sarah Smith, Manager, Frontline Testing, City of Seattle

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