Patient Experience

The Consumer Check-Up: Lessons in Patient Loyalty from the Las Vegas Strip

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In our fireside chat series hosted by Solv’s CEO and consumer expert Heather Fernandez, we’re welcoming cross-industry experts to share insights and lessons learned with providers adapting to the consumer-first models driving healthcare innovation in 2020 and beyond. In this segment, join Heather and Sunny Tara, former executive with Casesars Entertainment as they explore what drives loyalty to casinos, how that applies to healthcare, and what changes in consumer behavior mean for the future of patient experience.

From this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • Why patient loyalty in healthcare is not a choice but a determinant for success
  • Technology’s role in advancing the patient-physician relationship without contributing to provider burnout
  • Strategies for incentivizing healthcare to enable more proactive and engaged patients
  • How value-based care driven by digital innovation can save providers money and improve quality of care

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