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Generational Differences: How to Please Every Patient

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A Boomer, a Gen-Xer and a Millennial walk into an urgent care. This isn’t a joke. This is your waiting room. Now what? How do you make them all happy?

We hear about Millennials all the time — mostly pertaining to what’s wrong with them — on the news, in social media, from comedians, friends, family, etc. But are they really that much different than other generations when it comes to what they want and expect as consumers? As healthcare providers, you have to serve them, as well as Boomers, Gen X, and soon Gen Z. Let’s talk about what makes them all tick, and what you can do as an urgent care to maximize patient satisfaction (and business growth) across the generational divide.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what makes each of the major generational groupings tick: why they buy, how they interact, what they prefer, and more 
  • See who is engaging them successfully and how they are doing it 
  • Learn key statistics about healthcare consumerism and how it is driving change across generations 
  • Take away action items you can employ at your urgent care to better engage each generation

Learn to Please Every Patient

Attract more patients.
Reduce wait times.
Boost online reputation.

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