Seven Tasks Every Urgent Care Should Automate

Seven Tasks Every Urgent Care Should Automate

On any given day, an urgent care can see hundreds of patients–the ins and outs of high acuity care can be challenging in the best of times. That’s why it’s essential to automate as much of your daily work as possible. With automated systems in place, your practice can have a smooth flow of patients in and out without a front office on the brink of mental breakdown.

Automation #1: Scheduling

Have you ever come into the office, flipped on the lights, and noticed a full voicemail box of anxious patients vying for an appointment? We’ve all been there. Calling patients back is time-consuming and only sporadically effective–what if they don’t answer?

Eliminate the phone tag game with online self-scheduling and rescheduling after hours. Patients can see available appointments online and choose what fits their schedule. Feeling better or having a conflict? They can cancel or reschedule their appointments without ever dialing the phone.

With an automated self-scheduling system, your appointment calendar is automatically updated and confirmed via text message. All you have to worry about is coffee and a good attitude as you greet your first patient.

Automation #2: Data Collection and Entry

Data entry is one of the pillars of healthcare–inputting insurance information, medical histories, identification, and compliance papers is just part of the job, right? Yes and no. Of course, you need that information. But with self-registration and digital upload of vital documents, you can save your front office staff hours of tedious data entry and deciphering patient handwriting.

While reducing data entry will delight your front office staff, it also provides a better customer experience. When every minute spent filling out paperwork and signing HIPPA forms means a minute more exposure in the waiting room, patients are more than happy to reduce their time in the office. By inputting their information, you’re more likely to eliminate data entry errors that will cause issues down the line.

Automation #3: EHR Integration

You’ve collected the medical history, insurance information, and patient issues. Now, are you typing the same information over into your EHR? Double data entry is like salt in the wound for front office staff. Luckily, Solv offers EHR connections to more than 100 different EHR providers through our partner, Redox. No more transferring data–patients enter their information, and it’s directly imported into your EHR, safely and securely.

Automation #4: Load Balancing

It’s inevitable–between no-shows and high acuity cases piling up, sometimes your day can go sideways quickly. Balancing your patient load can ensure a stress-free day of care. Solv helps you reduce no-shows, fill schedule gaps, and shift more patients to off-peak hours by showing your real-time schedule. Creating a consistent patient flow can help improve patient care by reducing stress on providers. Happier providers equal happier patients.

Automation #5: Follow-Ups

Patient care doesn’t end when they leave the building–follow-ups can be an important part of the process. Automated messaging can connect with patients to remind them of follow-up visits or prescriptions or billing issues. With a simple text message, patients will have the reminder they need to follow through on their care plan and get the results they’re looking for.

Automation #6: Marketing

You’re in this business to offer quality care–but how do you find the right patients for your practice? Marketing your practice can be time-consuming and expensive but partnering with Solv provides a shortcut to qualified patients.

Since Solv partners with Google and Castlight, they know who’s looking for care in your area. Listing with Solv puts you in the crosshairs of patients that need care now. Solv’s Patient Boost is 80% less expensive than search engine or social media advertising.

Automation #7: Feedback Collection

Growing your practice depends on patient feedback, but not everyone is eager to leave a Google review. Instead, gather feedback directly with surveys collected immediately following their visit.

Solv encourages feedback by sending out automatic feedback requests after each visit. When leaving a review is as easy as clicking the link in your text message, patients are more likely to engage post-visit. Building authority through reviews is key to building a loyal customer base.

Your staff is the key to your success. Reducing and streamlining their workload with an intuitive and productive system can help increase staff satisfaction and attract new patients. Stop working so hard–automation can make it happen. 

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