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The New Frontier of Urgent Care: Enable mobile payment for today’s crisis and beyond

The New Frontier of Urgent Care: Enable mobile payment for today’s crisis and beyond

Solv is proud to announce that Solv Pay, a mobile payment functionality, will be available to all partners using our professional patient experience platform.

Your service at the frontlines during and in the wake of this crisis has not gone unnoticed - making Solv Pay access complimentary is just one of the many ways we are continuing to show our appreciation and support for the community. Our aim is to supply you with the tools necessary for safeguarding your staff, patients, and the operational success of your clinic. The infrastructure to support mobile pay is one of those tools - a vital part of ensuring the safety of your patients and staff.

We are including this feature with no added charge because it is no longer the forward-thinking luxury it once was. Post-COVID, mobile pay is as vital to the operational success of an urgent care center as urgent care centers are to their community. It minimizes patient contact with shared surfaces, other patients, and your staff. It reduces the amount of time needed to handle physical receipts, invoices, and payment - granting your staff more time to attend to sanitation tasks. It lowers operational costs and expedites payment, ensuring your clinic’s funds remain liquid. Perhaps most importantly, post-COVID consumers don’t just appreciate the ability to pay with their mobile phones - they expect it.

Solv’s recent consumer insight survey reports more than half of patients would be more likely to seek in-person care if they were ensured a contactless check-in and discharge experience - an experience that is functionally impossible without the ability to collect payment remotely. Our consumer research also indicates an overwhelming 80% of patients prefer to handle their payments through a mobile app. Taken together, we can confidently assure you most patients will not feel comfortable returning to your clinic unless you offer mobile payment.

Of the many changes you’ve made post-COVID, this one is one of the most crucial. It also has the potential to be the most valuable. Before it became vital to a post-COVID consumer’s peace of mind, offering patients the ability to pay digitally offered - and continues to offer - a wealth of additional benefits for you and your patients.

Mobile payment increases time to collection for clinics

Implementing a mobile payment solution will save both you and your patients time, even beyond the amount they spend in your clinic to collect their invoice. Your patients can spend less time managing paper invoices and arranging payment via check or the insecure paper transfer of credit card information. Their payments are processed more quickly and there is no need to risk financial information falling into the wrong hands, ensuring your peace of mind and theirs. And with the ability to store their card information for the next visit, handling a bill takes about as many taps as “liking” an instagram photo.

Making payment quick and easy for your patients saves their time and makes it more likely they will settle their bill in a timely manner. Ease of remittance improves collection turnaround - keeping your clinic’s funds liquid by ensuring payments don’t linger in accounts receivable. What’s more, if the convenience of a few taps still hasn’t prompted a bill payment from patients, you can easily remind them via SMS or email - a much quicker alternative to printing, posting, and waiting for them to receive a paper reminder. And with the hassle that comes with managing invoices, receipts, paper reminders and physical payment consolidated in one easy-to-use system, your staff will have more time, too.

Eliminating the transfer of invoices, receipts, reminders and collected checks isn’t just saving you time - it’s saving you money. With your staff focused on more important tasks, their time - and your money - is better spent. More obviously, it will reduce the amount you spend on paper, printing materials, envelopes and postage. The adoption of a mobile payment solution also streamlines the process and automatically generates an itemized invoice, preventing medical billing errors.

The high cost of a physical invoice and bill collection system isn’t just financial - it’s environmental as well. Adopting a mobile payment solution is an eco-friendly alternative and will vastly reduce your carbon footprint. Calculate just how much going paperless will reduce your environmental impact here.

Streamline your practice, simplify your patients’ lives

Your patients leave their appointments with a lot on their minds. Between picking up prescriptions, getting lab work done and simply remembering the advice you’ve given them, they’re lucky to not lose the invoice for payment within a few short hours of receiving it, or worse, forget it existed in the first place. The majority of patients find it inconvenient to pay for healthcare expenses, and over half claim they would prefer to receive and pay their healthcare bills electronically. Enabling digital payment is a simple way to take one thing off their plates, and yours, too. With no invoice to keep track of and the assurance that you will send them an email or SMS reminder, they can focus on the more important task of getting healthy. Once they set up payment through the app, their card information is stored for future use, so taking care of the bill is a few simple taps away.

Similarly, you can focus on the best part of your job - taking care of patients. Your staff will field fewer incoming phone calls about payment and spend less time printing and managing invoices. With a streamlined system for alerting patients about bill payment in place, they will no longer need to manage paper collection reminders or make calls to forgetful patients. Digital payment collection also automates the hassle of receiving, scanning and shredding payments and envelopes, freeing your staff to do what they do best - provide excellent care.

Make the switch today

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, offering mobile payment in healthcare is becoming a standard. As you forge ahead into the contactless future, Solv remains dedicated to providing the consumer insights necessary for the job. In our continued effort to make this transition as painless as possible and ensure you are well-equipped to safely care for our communities nationwide, we are now offering Solv Pay for free. We urge you to make the switch to a safer, more streamlined alternative to physical payment collection. Ensure the safety of your patients, staff, and operational success - learn more about Solv Pay here.

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