Solv Goes Full Contactless: Your Front Desk, Re-Imagined

Solv Goes Full Contactless: Your Front Desk, Re-Imagined

Solv is excited to announce the release of contactless check-in. Our newest feature will complement our current touch-free offerings, allowing providers to fully virtualize their front desk, maximizing customer safety and satisfaction when it matters most.

Your Front Desk Re-Imagined

The front desk is your office’s equivalent to a store check-out line - “the most dangerous place in the grocery store” according to a recent CNN article. In a pre-COVID world, patients were traditionally required to interact with the counter, your staff, paper intake forms and writing utensils. These interactions in the midst of this crisis, as well as the transfer of ID, insurance and payment cards, put both your patients and staff at unnecessary risk. Additionally, crowded clinics and the absence of clear protocols can lead to the violation of social distancing rules as patients approach the front desk. In order to keep your staff and patients safe and comfortable with in-person care, it’s in your best interest to eliminate these interactions. Bypassing the front desk altogether will keep patients and staff even safer when combined with continued sanitation practices - and eliminating the bottlenecks that may occur there will keep your operations flowing more smoothly than ever.

In order to entirely prevent physical contact with the front desk, you must offer contactless alternatives to interactions that traditionally occur there. Providing an end-to-end contactless registration experience requires you adopt.

The 7 Key Elements to an End-to-End Contactless Patient Experience

  1. Online Self-Scheduling: Offer patients the ability to schedule appointments online, or eliminate walk-in appointments altogether. Providing patients the ability to book appointments in advance will mitigate unpredictable peak hours, keep wait times short and prevent backups in your waiting room, thereby keeping a greater number of patients safe from unnecessary contact with others.
  2. Insurance & Photo Identification Card Capture: Provide patients the ability to digitally upload insurance and photo identification before they arrive for their appointments. Using their mobile phones, patients can easily snap a photo and upload their information directly to your system, eliminating the physical exchange of documents - and contaminants.
  3. Paperless Registration: Encourage patients to complete intake and consent forms digitally prior to their visit. Making registration documents available to patients in advance of their visit reduces time spent in your waiting room by up to 25 minutes and cuts back on interactions with the front desk and writing utensils.
  4. Mobile Check-In: Ask that patients indicate their arrival on their mobile device from the safety of their cars. Providing patients mobile check-in keeps them out of your waiting room until a sanitized exam room becomes available, prevents the need to approach the front desk with questions and affords staff better control over waiting room backups.
  5. Mobile Payment Collection: Allow patients to settle their bill from their mobile devices before or after their visit. Implementing a mobile payment solution encourages patients to settle their bills without having to exchange their payment card with a staff member, maintaining safe, contactless workflow.
  6. Live Waitlist: Give patients an estimated waiting time on their mobile devices. Providing a live waitlist for your scheduled and walk-in patients allows them to remain in queue while being physically absent from your waiting room, reducing unnecessary exposure and preventing backups.
  7. Two-Way Chat: Maintain an open line of communication with your patients. Allowing patients the ability to ask questions through a chat feature ensures they feel respected and valued throughout their experience and prevents unnecessary trips to the front desk. It also provides a channel through which your staff may inform patients their exam room is ready.

As mobile check-in joins our current features, Solv is delighted to announce full support of a virtual front desk in your office today.

Virtualizing your front desk is crucial to offering your patients the safest in-person experience possible - and with Solv’s newest feature, a contactless care experience is easier to implement than ever. Safety is the new guiding force in consumer preference. As touch-free retail and service experiences become the new standard, patients are expecting more from their care providers.

Don’t fall behind on consumer demand - learn more about Solv’s newest features and start offering a contactless care experience today.

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