Introducing Solv Video Telemedicine

Introducing Solv Video Telemedicine

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Solv’s newest product —Solv Video Telemedicine. Solv Video Telemed is the first telemedicine solution designed specifically for convenient care and urgent care centers.

Solv Video Telemed is a different take on telemedicine. It merges online scheduling, walk-in queuing, and video conferencing into one solution for urgent care. These features, together, allow patients to seamlessly move between virtual and in-person visits based on their symptoms, diagnoses or other healthcare needs. This combination of online and offline healthcare opens up powerful new ways for urgent care centers to deliver cutting-edge experiences for patients.

When building Solv Video Telemed, we looked closely at the operations of urgent care centers, the changing healthcare reimbursement landscape, and consumer needs to find the ideal design for our solution.

Urgent care operators told us how they continually push themselves to offer the most convenient, high-quality healthcare for their patients. And when done correctly, they benefit from increased consumer trust and loyalty from patients. We also heard how improvements in telemedicine reimbursement have eased concerns, doubts and confusion providers have had about getting paid for offering telemedicine visits. Because of this, many urgent care providers are now evaluating telemedicine as a new way to offer consumers additional convenience. In fact, we learned in our 2018 Solv Consumer Healthcare Report that more than 40% of urgent care centers plan to offer telemedicine within the next 12 months.

We also spoke with patients using Solv for urgent care and found there is already widespread recognition of telemedicine as a viable access point for convenient healthcare. According to one recent study from The Advisory Board, 77% of patients report they would consider seeing a provider virtually, and 19% of consumers report that they already have. This consumer interest creates an opportunity for urgent care centers to adopt telemedicine and stand at the forefront of healthcare delivery.

Most importantly, we thought about how increased access to telemedicine is beneficial for the healthcare system as a whole. By enabling urgent care centers with a telemedicine option, we hope to create an additional channel that shifts unnecessary visits from high-cost settings such as an ER into lower cost telemedicine or urgent care visits. Unlocking these types of cost-saving opportunities is core to Solv’s mission.

For the past three months, we’ve been beta-testing Solv Video Telemed with our partners in Texas. We’re now excited to offer Solv Video Telemed to urgent care partners across the country who are seeking new ways to provide additional convenient care options for patients.

Solv Video Telemedicine

The full Solv Video Telemed solution is a simple-to-use video visit that creates an exceptional patient experience. Features include:

  • Queuing Integration — Visits can be scheduled at a specific time or serviced ASAP. Patients who need in-person attention can be transferred from a virtual visit into a Solv queue at a nearby urgent care clinic.
  • Video Load Balancing — Busy clinics can transfer patients on their waitlist into video visits with providers at other locations, helping reduce wait times and increasing satisfaction.
  • Video Follow Up — After an in-person visit, providers can use Solv Video Telemed to follow up with patients for additional services or care as necessary.
  • Mobile Payment Collection — Using their mobile phone, patients use Solv Video Telemed to upload their credit card ahead of their visit. Patient responsibilities and deductibles can be collected at the time of service.
  • HIPAA Compliance and Security — Video calls are encrypted and secure to ensure patient and provider confidentiality, as well as HIPAA compliance.

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