5 Secrets of Successful Urgent Care Clinics

5 Secrets of Successful Urgent Care Clinics

How to become the best:

The landscape of urgent care is transforming in response to the changing expectations of patients. Urgent care centers are fighting to keep up with the rapid technological innovations in the field, while also responding to increasing customer service expectations. With more and more healthcare options for patients to choose from, staying in touch with your community’s needs is the only way to make sure that your clinic doesn’t get left behind.

When you understand the needs of your patients, you open the door to a world of new opportunities to connect with patients, increase satisfaction and build loyalty.

We talked to real urgent care patients to get the real view of what consumers expect from a visit to the urgent care center. After we found out what parts of urgent care they put the most importance on, we turned those insights into actionable optimizations to help you retain your current patients while attracting new people to your business.

Urgent care best practices:

Urgent care centers were created to provide non-emergency same-day care for patients unable to book an appointment with their primary care physician. Today, in our fast-paced society, merely providing same-day medical care is not enough to stay competitive. With healthcare consumers willing to shop around for convenience and value more than ever, the challenge is to determine the right way to stand out from the competition and inspire loyalty in your patients.

Do you know which services are most important to your patients? Patient preference on specific issues can be strong enough to cause them to switch clinics. Do you know what your patients’ dealbreakers are?

Should your urgent care center take appointments?

An increasing number of urgent care centers are starting to offer patients the opportunity to schedule appointments. Patients have strong preferences when it comes to waiting times, and the way that you integrate appointments into your urgent care center can make a big difference.

Adding appointment scheduling services to a walk-in-only clinic can be tricky, and if you don’t do it in the right way, your patients may end up paying for the innovation in increased wait times. In our ebook, you will learn the critical considerations necessary to keep wait times under control for both patients with appointments and walk-in patients.

How tech-savvy is your clinic?

Today’s patients expect for their urgent care center to use technology to add value and convenience to their urgent care experience. How interactive is the internet presence for your urgent care center? Do you offer a way for your patients to talk to your physicians before or after their appointments? Do your patients have the option to book an appointment online?

The goal of technology in urgent care should be to make every interaction with your clinic more convenient for your patients. The only way to do this is to be in tune with your patients’ needs and preferences. In The Secrets of Successful Urgent Care Clinics, you will find key insights into patient expectations that will help you utilize effective innovation practices to grow your business.

Get these urgent care insights and more:

Patients have more options than ever for their urgent care needs. It’s up to you to make sure that they keep choosing to come back to your clinic. When you can deliver high-quality, last-minute care without long wait times, you become invaluable to your patients.

We spent the time talking to urgent care patients to find out what they value most in an urgent care clinic. With our extensive urgent care experience, we turned these patient insights into actionable ways for you to grow your urgent care business.

Learn how to:

  • Leverage technology to increase patient volume and satisfaction
  • Use transparency to create patient loyalty and trust
  • Identify and address obstacles in your center's booking flow
  • Implement mobile appointment booking to improve wait times

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