8 Trends Urgent Cares Need to Master

8 Trends Urgent Cares Need to Master

Top Trends Urgent Cares Need to Master

Today’s patients have more health care options than ever before. Your patients are shopping around, and they have a lot to choose from. Most consumers have distinct preferences when it comes to their expectations of an urgent care center. The clinic that offers the best value for their time and money is going to be their first choice every time.

Do you know what your patients value the most? Fortunately, we do. We surveyed urgent care patients to determine what services were most important to them. Then, we compiled the data to provide clear insights into the needs and preferences of your patient base. By assessing and responding to the critical patient trends discussed in our free report, you can make informed decisions on the future of your business.

Telemedicine and the patient experience

The role of technology in business has grown exponentially over the last few years, and healthcare has not been an exception. Have you thought about the best way to integrate technology into your urgent care business? Patients value telemedicine because of its potential to offer helpful medical insights with lower costs and wait times.

When urgent care centers make an effort to communicate with patients before and after their appointments, it makes a big impression. However, it is not always easy to implement the technology needed to offer these highly-requested services. Patient needs must be at the center of any of these innovations for your urgent care to see a measured increase in patient satisfaction and retention.

Updating the technological practices of your urgent care center requires an investment of time and money. Our report discusses which technological innovations are most important to today’s urgent care patient — including potential dealbreakers you should avoid — so that you can innovate intelligently and gain the most repeat business from your investment.

What do urgent care patients want?

Growing your business is all about finding a way to provide the greatest value to the patients in your area. How well do you know what your patients expect from an urgent care visit? Do you know which services they value the most? In our free report, you will find our survey results about patient preferences regarding:

  • Wait times
  • Appointment availability
  • Mobile booking
  • Technology integration

We outline the top five factors that are most important to patients when choosing an urgent care clinic, as well as the top four reasons that patients consider leaving their current urgent care clinic. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor an urgent care experience specifically aimed at increasing patient satisfaction and retention.

Don’t let your clinic get left behind as the industry shifts to an increased focus on patient-centered care. By learning what real urgent care patients expect from your business, you can turn their preference trends into real growth opportunities for your center.

Download our free report, 8 Trends Urgent Cares Need to Master, and start improving patient satisfaction today.

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