SMS Benefits for Urgent Care

SMS Benefits for Urgent Care

In today's fast-paced world, people expect to have immediate access to the information they need, especially when it comes to healthcare. This is where SMS messaging comes into play, offering urgent care centers a quick and convenient way to communicate with their patients. Here are four reasons why your clinic should be implementing SMS messaging, plus read on for a sneak peak on something new the Solv team is working on.

  1. Increased Patient Engagement
    SMS messaging provides a simple and effective way for urgent cares to engage with their patients. By sending appointment reminders, test results, and other important information via SMS, urgent cares can ensure that patients stay informed and engaged with their healthcare.
  2. Improved Efficiency
    SMS messaging can help urgent care improve its efficiency by automating routine communications. For example, appointment reminders and follow-up messages can be sent automatically, reducing the workload on staff and freeing up time for other tasks.
  3. Better Patient Experience
    SMS messaging can help urgent care improve the patient experience by providing a more convenient and personalized way to communicate. Patients can receive messages at a time that is convenient for them and can respond to messages with questions or concerns, allowing urgent care to provide quick and responsive service.
  4. Increased Revenue
    SMS messaging can also help urgent cares increase revenue by driving patient engagement and loyalty. Patients who receive regular communications from their urgent care are more likely to return for follow-up appointments and recommend the clinic to their friends and family.

We love using the SMS feature because nurses text back every patient after their visit, saving our staff lots of time because they don’t have to call from an unknown number that patients don’t answer, wait on hold, and leave a message.” –Erin Baylock, Just 4 Kids Urgent Care

We are excited to announce a new feature coming soon: SMS custom communication. With this feature, you can easily tailor messaging to your brand voice and adapt automated transactional SMS to your various lines of business needs such as behavioral health, occ med, primary care, lab testing, and more. This allows for a more personalized patient experience and better brand representation for your urgent care. Interested in this feature? Request a demo to learn more or if you’re a Solv partner, book time with our partner success team to enable SMS custom communication for your clinic.

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