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The Solv Booking Experience Is Now in Spanish

The Solv Booking Experience Is Now in Spanish

Providing inclusivity and accessibility is important to help your patients achieve better outcomes. The United States is home to over 43 million native Spanish speakers—that’s 13% of the total population! Providing a simple scheduling solution with complete online registration allows all patients to gain easier access to convenient care services.

Solv is the leading consumer healthcare app for over 14 million patients each month who want to find and book care in just a few taps. With this update, Solv is making appointment booking with your office even more accessible by allowing Spanish-speaking patients to communicate with you online.

What will they see translated to Spanish?

  • Every step of booking an appointment with your office, including insurance upload and photo ID upload
  • Their booking confirmation page and booking confirmation emails
  • All standard paperwork questions
  • All SMS messages between your office and the patient

Expand accessibility and community care with bilingual appointment booking options

Language barriers can make it more difficult for non-English speaking patients in the United States to have access to the healthcare services they need.

In fact, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Latino community was one of the hardest hit. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Latinos comprised 11.5% of vaccinated people in the first month of the vaccine administration, although they are 3.2 times more likely to be hospitalized from the virus than non-Hispanics.

How Spanish-Speaking Patients Can Book Doctor’s Appointments on Solv

Patients can select whether they would like to register for their visit in Spanish or English directly from the Solv booking page. Patients on your booking page are able to select Spanish as the preferred language to enter their personal information, upload their insurance card, and add their photo ID for verification.

Solv online appointment booking experience now in Spanish
Solv online appointment booking experience now in Spanish

Before the Visit

Patients who select to book their appointment in Spanish will go through the entire booking flow in Spanish—from appointment booking to insurance and license upload to their booking confirmation page. They will also be able to see and answer standard paperwork questions in Spanish. Their booking confirmation messages (SMS and email) will also be in Spanish.

After the Visit

SMS messages about reviews can also be translated into Spanish. This user-friendly review management flow in Spanish helps you increase the number of patients who leave a review for your practice on social sites like Google. Displaying online reviews in Spanish will increase your overall star rating and attract more patients—both English and Spanish speakers alike.

How Bilingual Booking Options Impact Providers

Supporting bilingual booking is beneficial for providers as well. When patients have the ability to book in Spanish, it decreases barriers to registration and increases patient access to your clinic. Supporting a Spanish registration workflow differentiates you from your competitors who only offer registration services in English.

Most new patients prefer booking ahead online to calling on the phone and waiting on hold. Clinics seeing high patient volumes greatly benefit from having as many patients as possible book their visit ahead of time to avoid long wait times that often are a result of a high volume of walk-in patients during peak times.

We are excited to launch this feature as part of our mission to make healthcare more accessible to all consumers, empowering patients to independently book the care that they need—whether in Spanish or English.

Interested in learning more about Solv online booking in Spanish and English? See it in action.

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