8 Affordable Tips to Reach New Patients Now

8 Affordable Tips to Reach New Patients Now

As a healthcare operator, you know the importance of maximizing your marketing budget to attract new patients. With the summer months ahead, visit cadence threatens to drop off, making campaigns to draw in traffic more important than ever. Here are some of our top tips on how to attract new patients to your practice.

#1: Evaluate your current marketing campaigns

First things first: validate the ROI on existing marketing efforts. Map out conversion funnels at each touchpoint, and use that data - along with your own patient value metrics - to inform future investments. New to calculating ROI on your marketing campaigns?

Tip: Don’t be afraid to let go of campaigns that aren’t delivering value - those funds can be used to test new marketing strategies.

#2: Manage your online reputation

Having a strong online reputation can turn casual browsers to new patients. Check your Google and Yelp reviews and reach out to patients who have left bad ratings to see if there's anything you can do to improve their experience and get the review taken down or changed. Check Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for negative feedback and respond in a transparent, polite way. Be sure to respond to the positive reviews, too! A little bit of candor and wit can go a long way towards putting your practice ahead of the competition.

Tip: Solv’s reputation management can help you automatically capture feedback and amplify reviews on Google, Apple Maps, and more.

#3: Update your website

Make sure to keep your site up-to-date with all of your offerings - both in-person and telemed (see #7). Include hours, team member images, what to expect, and services offered. Keep it simple and informative and use easy-to-read fonts to make your website polished and professional, but also approachable and user-friendly. Check out some more tips on designing functional, beautiful websites here.

Tip: Review your website both on desktop and mobile to ensure information is easy to access and read across any device.

#4: Make scheduling a breeze

When it comes to your website, one of the most impactful changes you can make is adding an online scheduling option for your patients. Patients who book online wait half as long as walk-ins and are 21% more likely to revisit your clinic. Offering patients the ability to schedule visits online can make your clinic more appealing by guaranteeing their time in your waiting room remains as brief as possible.   

Tip: Solv’s AI-powered queuing ensures you can seamlessly blend book ahead and walk-in patients.  Learn more about how Solv can revolutionize your booking experience.

#5: Promote your telemedicine offerings

Telemedicine is an asset to any healthcare operation, and remains one of the most important ways you can attract and retain new patients. Our 2020 consumer survey showed that one in every three patients will find a new healthcare provider if their current provider doesn’t offer telemedicine. Virtual visits attract patients who are not comfortable or are too busy to see a provider in person.

Tip: Check out Solv’s research-backed guide to seamlessly integrating your in-person and telemedicine offerings.

#6: Start a social media account

Looking for a free way to advertise your brand? Start a social media account. According to Pew Research Center, seven in ten Americans use social media. Millennial parents and Gen Z young adults comprise a large portion of potential patients, and it is important to reach them on platforms with which they regularly engage. Providers who interact with the community via social media come across as more personable and approachable to younger audiences. Even minimal engagement can drive brand awareness and get your name out in the community.

Tip: Task one of your front desk staff with monitoring social media channels in their downtime.

#7: Focus on patient wellcare

Emphasizing patient wellbeing can help you increase engagement and patient loyalty. Situate yourself as a respected voice in the community by offering preventative care tips, online or in-person fitness, nutritional and other well-care classes, and meaningful, timely blog posts. Look into well-care offerings, such as ear piercing and allergy testing, that improve patients’ quality of life. A patient who believes you are invested in their welfare is more likely to stay loyal to your practice, leave positive reviews, and, most importantly, give you referrals. Read more about creating a best-in-class healthcare experience on a budget here.

Tip: Short on time? Solv has a great consumer resource center that you can leverage for content to share with your patient base.

#8: Engage with the community

Community involvement can help your clinic build relationships and awareness so that you are top of mind when community members need care. Partner with local specialists to create a tight-knit care network and ensure your patients get the best care available to them.

Being a part of the online community (see #6) is also vital to attracting new patients.

Tip: Consider sponsoring a neighborhood team or setting up a booth at local events. Check out your city council, county website and parks and recreation department for inspiration and events where you can represent your practice.

Looking to boost your patient volume even more? Solv has over 11 million consumers searching for same-day care every month.  Check out our blog for more useful tips or schedule a demo to see how our services can help you increase patient volume and deliver best-in-class experiences for your patients.

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