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How PhysicianOne Urgent Care Grew Profitability By Focusing on Patient Experience

How PhysicianOne Urgent Care Grew Profitability By Focusing on Patient Experience

When you have busy urgent care clinics in three states, efficiency and results matter. Philip Davis, COO of PhysicanOne Urgent Care, was looking for a platform to drive business, organize their patient flow, and facilitate telemed, and he needed to see real-world data. A 90-day head-to-head trial between Solv and a competing scheduling software revealed the value Solv provides to its customers.

Two years later, PhysicianOne Urgent Care is leveraging Solv Experience, Connect, and Video Telemed to gain new patients and create a seamless patient experience that yields excellent reviews and results. 

"Solv is cutting edge in their initiatives to empower patients." Philip Davis, COO of PhysicianOne Urgent Care
  • 18% of PhysicianOne Urgent Care’s online bookings come from Solv
  • 34% of visitors on their Solv booking page convert to patient bookings
  • 50% of Solv patients completed their paperwork digitally before arrival
  • Solv cut wait time in half for patients that completed paperwork before arrival

Head to Head with the Competition

PhysicanOne Urgent Care is renowned for excellence–its 23 locations span Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut, with 4.8 stars on Google. With more than a million patient visits during 2021 alone, they know how vital load balancing is.

When Philip Davis, COO, started searching for new scheduling software, he took a scientific approach–he tested Solv against a leading competitor for 90 days. After three months, Davis was convinced that Solv was a worthy investment. Integrating Solv into their business increased new bookings, shortened wait times by encouraging digital registration, and allowed staff greater insight into patient needs by utilizing reporting features. 

“We did a 90-day trial of Solv alongside another scheduling tool and ultimately decided to move forward with Solv due to the advantage of Solv’s marketplace to drive patient volume and more appealing patient experience and interface.” Philip Davis, COO of PhysicianOne Urgent Care

Easy to Learn, Valuable to Use: Front Desk Staff and Providers Love Solv

Training staff across 23 locations on a new platform can be daunting, but Davis says that the interface is so user-friendly that it was easily adopted and implemented–in as little as five minutes.

“Training for staff is a non-issue. Solv is intuitive and easy-to-use,” Davis says.

Not only is Solv easy to learn, but it is also customizable to each user’s needs. Each practice can curate the features it finds the most useful and allows them to create a platform that integrates seamlessly into their workflow.

The staff at PhysicianOne agrees. Solv’s provider dashboard is easy to read at a glance–it’s obvious who’s done, who’s next, current wait times, and missing paperwork. Even clinical providers check in to get an accurate picture of patient flow.

Contactless check-in is another staff favorite. With Solv, 50% of patients have completed their paperwork ahead of time, cutting wait times in half, from 31 minutes to 15 minutes. Plus, with the ability to quickly pull patient histories, providers can build relationships and provide more personal service.

Patient Interface: Driving Telemed and In-Person Appointments

Staff and providers aren’t the only ones that find Solv’s interface easy to use. Davis says that the attractive and intuitive interface makes it easy for patients to book through Solv or their website.

"The best thing about Solv is the user interface. It's very clean and easy for patients to use," Davis says.

PhysicianOne is currently operating telemed services at three locations, and they’ve found the ability to book a telemed visit from the Solv booking page is invaluable to load balancing. Davis says that the user interface helps present telemed as an easy option.

"We really like that patients can see the offering of Solv Video Telemed schedule side-by-side with urgent care visits.” Philip Davis, COO of PhysicianOne Urgent Care

Offering telemed services from the booking page appeals to patient urgency–one out of five patients will find another provider if they can’t be seen today. Telemed helps mitigate this problem and creates new avenues for patient care. Featuring both in-person and telemed visits on the same page ensures that patients aren’t wasting time searching for options–two clicks and they are booked.

Reports Help Staff Balance and Enhance Experience

Solv helps clinicians and administrators at PhysicianOne Urgent Care provide insightful care by giving them a snapshot of their patients' lives. They can see how patients have engaged with them by providing SMS chat history, the steps they took to book, and why they are there.

"As an administrator, I love being able to track patient booking history to see a patient's engagement around a particular appointment and see the actions they took." Those insights allow Davis and his team to find workflow inefficiencies and strengthen processes to serve patients better and create more revenue.

Insights into patient volume also allow administrators to load balance more effectively. With 23 locations and telemed services, finding more suitable options for patients is often possible by shifting locations to lower-volume clinics. And faster patient care results in happier, more loyal patients in the long run.

Patient Acquisition: Solv Drives New and Returning Business

Driving new business is essential to the success of any urgent care. While PhysicianOne Urgent Care’s primary business driver is word-of-mouth marketing, Solv Connect has created a significant stream of business. Google searches come in second place–Davis believes that Solv’s placement and ease of use are a big part of that. In April 2022 alone, 45% of new patients found PhysicianOne through the Solv app.

"Before Solv, less than 20% of our patients booked their visit online. Now, more than half of our patients are booking online." Philip Davis, COO of PhysicianOne Urgent Care

Solv creates a perfect storm for prospective patients:

  • Attractive interface
  • Authority building through reviews
  • Transparent pricing and insurance information
  • Easy rebooking in two clicks
  • Reduced wait times with online registration
  • Continually collect patient feedback through NPS and Google reviews

Combined with SEO, a robust social media presence, billboards, and customer VIP programs, partnering with Solv dovetails with PhysicianOne Urgent Care’s overall marketing plan.

"Solv is a good partner for our marketing efforts," Davis says. 45% of new patients in April 2022 found PhysicianOne Urgent Care through Solv Connect.

Partnering with Solv has given PhysicanOne Urgent Care an advantage over the competition–Solv provides visibility, authority, and ease of use for potential patients, all while streamlining workflows for front desk staff, allowing their business to thrive and run more smoothly.

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