Optimize Your Urgent Care Website for Local Search

Optimize Your Urgent Care Website for Local Search

Urgent care is extremely convenient. It’s mere existence is hinged upon offering a convenient solution to same-day health concerns that arise. The market strategy is uniquely positioned to grab people who would otherwise incorrectly go to the emergency room, or unwisely wait weeks to be seen by a primary care doctor or specialist. However, there is a major trend converging with that of urgent care that is rarely fully capitalized on.

That trend is that of the “near me” searches. When consumers need help, they ask a friend. It just so turns out that their smartest, most efficient, most helpful, most tailored-to-their-needs friend is Google.

According to Google, nearly one-third of all mobile searches are related to location. In 2015, “near me” searches had doubled and attracted considerable attention. However, two+ years later, it has neither plateaued nor remained the same in nature. Now, with more people using mobile, consumers have begun to trust the geographical intelligence of their devices. Comparable searches without “near me” have grown by 150%!

Why? Because consumers expect relevant information without needing to be overt or explicit.

So what does this mean for you? As Google has gotten smarter, and more consumers are on mobile than ever before, businesses are surfaced through the knowledge panel. The knowledge panel is your first and most prominent opportunity to be a location match.

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