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14 Times Patients Were Delighted With Their Urgent Care Experience

14 Times Patients Were Delighted With Their Urgent Care Experience

The front office staff at urgent care clinics are really tough to hold on to—their job is stressful, and they’re often on the front lines of patients who are sick (when it’s easiest to get frustrated with their care experience).

But there has been a lot of love for front office staff that comes through when patients leave a review on Solv. In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, we sourced 14 reviews that spread the love for the front office at urgent care clinics and labs.

Such a pleasant experience

Seeking care can be a huge stressor for patients, and we know that stressors around the COVID pandemic exacerbate patient emotions. Even though this patient “hates” going into urgent care, they had such a great experience this time that they chose to leave a glowing review after discharge.

So kind and caring

This patient left a review saying that they were beyond grateful for their care team—especially important during a time when they weren’t feeling well.

Friendly and fast!

When patients head to urgent care, they want things to move quickly! This patient loves the easy booking process with this clinic and appreciates how fast and friendly the clinic is.

Kind and helpful staff

Again, being able to be seen quickly was a big part of why this patient left a review. However, the real hero of this patient’s experience was the front office staff!

Excellent care

This patient appreciated how easy the online booking experience was, how quick the check-in process was at the clinic, and price transparency. The cherry on top was definitely the humans providing care—sounds like this clinic has it all down!

Great place for care

Here’s another patient who was blown away by the clinic staff, cleanliness of the location, easy booking process, and short wait time!

Great with our daughter

Parents know, there are few things more stressful than when your kid is sick. This patient appreciates the way the staff treated their two-year-old when she was sick, and how they took the time to make sure she had a peaceful experience.

I’m grateful to be feeling better

Sometimes all it takes for a patient to start feeling better is to be seen. This patient started feeling better immediately after visiting this clinic—a testament to the location and great staff there.

Wait time was minimal

This patient’s review focuses on how quick it was to get in and out of this lab. He even knows the staff by name—clearly, they provide personalized care!


This reviewer mentions the outstanding staff multiple times in their review. They even reinforced their feelings about the wonderful care from the staff with caps lock “OUTSTANDING.”

A wonderful experience

Again and again, the first thing happy patients mention in their 5-star reviews are the people providing care at the clinic. This review is no different! This patient appreciates everyone on-staff at this clinic, the low cost, and the level of services offered.

Pleasant and professional

This review mentions that a family member has also been seen at this clinic, so clearly there is some brand loyalty or referrals happening here! They appreciate the quick, seamless process for booking and check-in, as well as the sweet staff.

A well-oiled process

Patients appreciate when things just… work. Sounds like this lab has its process down, from sign-in to check-in, to wait times, to actual services and discharge. This patient had a wonderful experience for their first time at this lab.

Excellent and very easy

When patients need COVID care, it can feel really stressful. This patient appreciates how they can do everything online before arriving at the clinic, things moved quickly once they were there, and the staff was friendly.

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