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Solv’s Clinic Analytics magnifies urgent care reporting and insights

Solv’s Clinic Analytics magnifies urgent care reporting and insights

Consumer expectations continue to expand, as does the weight of their impact. As a result, the need for businesses - including urgent care - to capture and interpret data increases. A couple examples:

  • You have two clinics, one with a line out the door while the other sits idly. Once you realize this is more than a passing occurrence, you have to make changes to improve your operations such as a marketing promotion, staffing changes, or provider load balancing.
  • You find that patient experience and satisfaction improve when patients check-in at a kiosk, but utilization remains low, you have an opportunity to make people happy by investing in training for your staff and directing more patients to the kiosk.

Arriving at these types of insights and decisions requires data analytics. More so, you need need to be able to quickly visualize and analyze your data fluidly, where and how you want to. 

As part of our continual evolution around the needs of our partners and their patients, Solv is announcing the release of our Clinic Analytics reporting suite, giving urgent care operators greater analytical depth and improved data visualization for critical functions of their business.

“We’ve evolved our Clinical Experience and Patient Boost product suites to the extent where Solv is woven into the fabric of our clinic partners,” explains Lauren Devos, Solv’s Product Manager & Head of Strategic Initiatives. “As a strategic partner to clinic operators, we have to produce business intelligence applications that align with the category leading solutions we are delivering to urgent care operators and their patients. It’s this mentality that’s driven the genesis of our new reporting platform, and the commitment we are making to its continual evolution.”

Focal areas of Clinic Analytics include clinic operations and patient experience, patient acquisition and revenue growth, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. Understanding that acquiring a new customer can cost 5 times more than retaining an existing customer, improving patient loyalty by understanding metrics average wait times, time in clinic, being seen on time, and details on ratings and reviews become critical business metrics.

Solv recognizes the right data reporting and analytics delivery can have a significant impact on an urgent care, fundamentally changing the way people do their jobs, how decisions are made, and the pace of change within an organization. Clinic Analytics leverages sophisticated data visualizations to aid both the presentation and understanding of the data itself. The human brains process visuals 60x times faster than it does text, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual

Here’s a quick tour of Solv’s Clinic Analytics and the benefits you can expect.

Measure new urgent care patient revenue

Track bookings and new patient revenue 

We've added clarity regarding the source of your online bookings, segmenting new vs returning patients, and articulating the value received from each.

Track patient experience and satisfaction

Track patient experience and satisfaction 

We've clicked down into patient and clinic experience, reporting on patient feedback, ratings and reviews, kiosk utilization, on-time rates, and more.

Improve urgent care workflow and wait times

Optimize workflows and reduce patient wait times 

Monitor wait times and door to door times at a single clinic location, or across your entire group. You can even set goals and see how you perform against them.

Access Clinic Analytics anywhere and export instantly

Access anywhere, export instantly

You're always on the go and you have your own way of looking at things. Rather than confining you, we're setting you free. Access on your phone or export for external use.

To learn more about Solv’s Clinic Analytics reporting suite, email Solv at

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