State of American Healthcare: Veteran Care

State of American Healthcare: Veteran Care

Part one of a four-part series taking a look at the State of American Healthcare. Don't miss part two on Accessibility.

As we celebrate Independence Day this week, we’re keeping in mind our country’s veterans and the many roadblocks they face to get appropriate healthcare. Widespread issues have long affected the type and quality of care that veterans receive. But now a newly enacted law seeks to transform the state of veteran healthcare, and Solv is joining the mission.

Under the recently launched MISSION Act, VA healthcare now includes access to urgent care centers and walk-in retail health clinics that are within the VA’s network. Veterans will have more opportunities to seek care in ways that are accessible and convenient to them, such as through telehealth or an approved community provider.

As a clinic, there are a few ways you can incorporate the MISSION Act to welcome members of the military. If you are part of the VA’s authorized network, market your urgent care as an eligible place for veterans to receive care. Or, if you’re not yet an authorized provider you can apply to be one through TriWest. You can also promote your acceptance of the VA urgent care benefit insurance (including through Solv on your clinic page).

Getting veteran care right is critically important to improving the American healthcare system. Over 9 million veterans are enrolled in the VA’s healthcare and they deserve access to timely, high-quality care. Solv is committed to helping enable this new path of convenient care for those who serve.

Learn more about Solv's commitment to our Veterans and helping them find the urgent care they need.

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