The New Frontier of Urgent Care: A Blog Series

The New Frontier of Urgent Care: A Blog Series

In the wake of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, things are slowly beginning to normalize: consumers are returning to their normal routines, states nationwide are beginning to change shelter-in-place policies and businesses are hesitantly reopening their doors. For many industries, recovery from this tragedy means nothing more than a delicate return to previous operating procedures. But when it comes to healthcare, patients are demanding more.

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Workers in the healthcare industry bore an enormous burden during this pandemic. Clinics, medical offices and hospitals alike were forced to quickly implement innovative ways to keep contamination low while continuing to provide excellent care and high-quality information to patients who were more anxious and uncertain than ever. Urgent care centers faced the added challenge of keeping convenient care clinics operating normally while fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19.

Over the past several weeks, Solv has noticed a positive change in urgent care visit volumes: while walk-in visits have not yet recovered beyond half of their previous frequency, scheduled visits have nearly returned to their pre-COVID volumes. Increased patient preference for scheduled visits is just one of the many changes we are witnessing to consumer tendencies in a “post-COVID” world. So while you and your staff face the challenge of keeping your clinic safe and sanitary as patient volumes normalize, you must also anticipate and adapt to changing consumer demands. In short, the changes you’ve already made to your urgent care facility can only be the beginning.

Since 2016, Solv has been applying our well-established insight on consumer preference to the development of patient-forward innovations for the convenient care industry. Our dedication to ensuring urgent care centers are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary for providing excellent customer service has helped clinics nationwide go above and beyond patient expectations. Today, we proudly support the community with a contactless patient experience platform to reduce the spread of infectious diseases in your clinic.

Since day one, our highest priority has been modernizing convenient care by developing a streamlined, provider-friendly, patient-centric experience. Our deep roots in consumer research have put us ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting and exceeding the currently sky-rocketing consumer demands.

Now more than ever, Solv is committed to using our unique position in the urgent care community to provide you with fact-based, actionable advice. In creating this blog series we hope to share insights that draw from both our accumulated knowledge as leaders in consumer advocacy and up-to-date patient statistics.

Over the next few weeks, we will guide you through several concrete steps you can take to make your clinic a safer, more desirable option for patients seeking urgent care in a post-pandemic world. From offering suggestions on implementing social distancing measures in your waiting room, to finding the best solution for integrating your virtual and brick-and-mortar clinics, we’ll be guiding you as you forge ahead into the new frontier of contactless care in the simplest, most pain-free way possible.

We are so proud to stand with you as the world attempts to learn from and adapt to the changes caused by this globally devastating pandemic. With our help, we are confident your clinic can meet and exceed increasing consumer demand for excellence. Our commitment to developing the newest innovations in convenient care is more fervent than ever, and we are constantly rolling out new initiatives to move the industry forward. Together, we can make lasting changes to improve the experience of urgent care for good.

Our first post can be found here where we discuss changes you can make to create a contactless patient experience when you begin seeing patients in-person again soon. 

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