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How MultiCare Simplifies Clinic Operations, Improves Patient Experience, And Increases Revenue With Online Appointments And Patient Engagement

How MultiCare Simplifies Clinic Operations, Improves Patient Experience, And Increases Revenue With Online Appointments And Patient Engagement

MultiCare grows their urgent care brands and improves reputation with Solv

In a highly competitive market operating four different urgent care brands, a large, centralized health system was able to simplify clinic operations, improve patient experience, and ultimately increase revenue by using Solv for online appointments and patient engagement.


MultiCare Health System is a not-for-profit organization with more than 18,000 team members, 8 hospitals, and numerous primary care, urgent care and specialty clinics. Their system collectively serves a competitive region of high quality providers in the greater Seattle area and across the State of Washington. Historically, MultiCare unsuccessfully used various EMR scheduling software and third-party online booking solutions across their four urgent care center brands, resulting in an inconsistent patient experience and a fragmented workflow. Their goal was to implement a single solution across their clinics that attracted more new patients from online sources while also delivering an elevated clinic experience to increase loyalty with their existing patients.

“Solv has gone above and beyond just standard online scheduling. They constantly think about what else consumers need.”
Kirsten Saint Clair
Executive Director, MultiCare Urgent Care


The leadership team at MultiCare engaged Solv to accomplish two primary objectives within urgent care:

  1. Increase website traffic and conversion of new patients
  2. Improve patient satisfaction and retention

Solv proposed an innovative product suite focused on patient-centric engagement, anchored by online bookings for each of MultiCare’s 45+ urgent care centers. Solv worked alongside the teams at each clinic to coordinate a simultaneous system-wide deployment across multiple websites and physical locations. In the initial phase, each of the following were implemented:

  • Online Bookings. Each MultiCare clinic location had an individual booking flow seamlessly linked from their respective website and customized for their local brands. The mobile-first, patient-centric design is highly intuitive for consumers, resulting in a 31% increase in conversion to online bookings across their websites. Additionally, through Solv’s online exposure program, MultiCare has been able to capture 15% more new patients from Solv properties and other online sources.
  • Insurance Card Scanning. At the time of booking, patients use their smartphone to take and upload a photo of their insurance card. Solv scans the card, transcribes the details, and performs an initial eligibility audit before the patient walks in the door, saving the MultiCare front desk time. Nearly 40% of all patients are adding a photo of their card.
  • Seamless Check-in & Wait Management. Patients who arrive are easily added to the wait queue with only a few keystrokes and elect to receive text messages that communicate wait time and queue position updates, thus untethering them from the waiting room.
  • AI-powered Patient Queuing. All patients are merged into a single queueing system that utilizes an AI-based scheduling algorithm to ensure online bookings are seen at the right time, walk-ins don’t wait longer than necessary and the clinic workflow is as efficient as possible. As walk-in traffic increases, the queuing system throttles online booking availability automatically so no MultiCare patient has a bad experience. As a result, MultiCare has reduced wait times for all patients and patients who book online experience waits up to 46% shorter than walk-ins.
  • Patient Messaging. Before, during and following their visit, patients receive personalized, HIPAA-compliant messages (SMS) ensuring they are clear about their visit status, wait time and results. Post-visit messages collect NPS survey data and invites patients to provide feedback to the clinic directly while establishing a messaging relationship, supporting patient loyalty and encouraging rebooking.
  • Reputation Management. As part of the feedback collection process, patients are invited to leave a private review through the Solv platform, or a public review on each of the MultiCare clinic’s established Google My Business profiles. With configurable review gating settings, MultiCare can ensure verified, acceptable, quality reviews are published.
  • Advanced Reporting. Every step of the way, MultiCare has used Solv’s real-time Pulse dashboard to report on each engagement point, both at the individual clinic level and at an aggregate health system view.


Through the partnership, Solv has aided MultiCare in streamlining their online scheduling capabilities while maintaining active support of their walk-in patients, resulting in $9.3 million in revenue from online bookings delivered by Solv through and MultiCare’s Google profiles, during the first four months. With the improved patient flow and more accurate wait time estimates and updates, patients are happier than over resulting in 79% more online reviews being generated, 80% of which are 5-star ratings. And through the the improved internal workflow supported by Solv, patient wait times during peak flu season stayed below 25 minutes while patients who booked online waited 46% less than walk-in visits.

MultiCare - $9.3 million in online booking revenue via Solv during the first 4 months

$9.3 million in online booking revenue via Solv during the first 4 months

Between Feb and May 2018 patients using Solv to book their visits generated more than $9.3 million in revenue for MultiCare.

MultiCare - 79% increase in 5-star reviews from verified patients

79% increase in 5-star reviews from verified patients

Online review volume nearly doubled in four months compared to the prior 12-month period, with more than 80% new Google ratings coming in as 5-star, increasing the system-wide average rating to 4.3 stars.

MultiCare - 21% of loyal walk-in patients switch to online booking

21% of loyal walk-in patients switch to online booking

Offering online booking has allowed MultiCare to build lasting relationships with their patients. After six months of using Solv, 1 in 5 walk-in patients rebooked their next visit using Solv’s online scheduling solution.

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