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How Solv Increased Patients and Decreased Costs for Reliant Scientific

How Solv Increased Patients and Decreased Costs for Reliant Scientific

Reliant Scientific was transitioning from reference lab to direct testing lab but utilizing Solv’s easy-to-use platform, they cleared their data entry bottleneck and reconnected with their patients.

“Solv it made it easy on me as the business owner. In this day and age, nothing is easy, but Solv truly was.” 

Tracy Youngblood-McDaniel, Owner of Reliant Scientific

Before Solv

As a reference lab, Reliant Scientific was more accustomed to seeing bags of clinical samples rather than customers, according to owner Tracy Youngblood-McDaniel. With an incoming onslaught of new testing opportunities, her staff found themselves at an impasse–processing samples was easy. Inputting data was time-consuming and overwhelming. They needed a way to streamline their data entry needs and balance their patient interaction with test processing time.

Before hearing about Solv, Reliant Scientific relied on their laboratory information system, Stratus, for storing and sorting data and delivering test results. But as they transitioned to a customer direct lab testing site, the amount of data they needed to collect piled up, creating stress for their staff and more paperwork to store for the long term.

Youngblood-McDaniel initially heard about Solv online after a quick Google search for testing sites, but a second mention of it within a week from a lab partner pushed her to investigate. From the first exploration of the platform, Youngblood-McDaniel knew that Solv could be the answer they were looking for.

Solv + Reliant Scientific Partnership=Less Paperwork, More Care

Youngblood-McDaniel’s first impression was a good one. Not only did Solv offer a patient booking portal that was easy to use, but its integration with their LIS eliminated paper storage of important documents like driver’s licenses and insurance card copies.

“Solv allows us to make appointments, and it also gives our patients peace of mind. When they're freaking out because they're sick, can't get tested, or every place is full—they can still get care,” she says.

By utilizing Solv’s platform, her staff shifted their focus from constantly ringing phones to hands-on testing. With an automated phone message directing patients to Solv, they offered an easy onboarding process that answered patient questions and secured appointments with fewer human resources. Once in the Solv portal, patients could upload all relevant documents and easily port over to their LIS, eliminating one step for their front office staff.

Reliant Scientific saved 42 hours of staff labor by using digital registrations in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. This time savings was essential since new patients have been rolling in since signing on with Solv–71% of the patients booked through Solv were new to Reliant Scientific.

Blue Box: EHRs offer environmentally friendly solutions–Solv offers a patient’s first contact with front office staff to be on their terms. Uploading identification, insurance cards, and other essential documents digitally allows offices to forgo costly printing and storage fees for paper documents.

Solv Helps Reliant Reconnect with Patients

Since Reliant Scientific’s normal workload focused on processing samples rather than in-person testing, finding a platform that allowed them to focus on patient satisfaction was vital.

“Solv was a perfect fit for us and how we wanted to do testing,” Youngblood-McDaniel says.

With a straightforward interface, Youngblood-McDaniel could use Solv on the go through her iPad, swabbing and entering data on the fly. Getting face to face with patients helped bring patient care into focus.

“There can be a disconnect when you’re working in a lab space. Everyone is a name or number on a swab. This helps us personalize what we are doing,” says Youngblood-McDaniel.

Shorter Wait Times, Happier Patients

Reliant Scientific immediately saw great results. Patients that booked through Solv had significantly shorter waiting periods–they reduced their wait time by 81%.

In addition to shorter wait times, patients adopted Solv quickly, says Youngblood-McDaniel.

“I wanted something that was streamlined and easy–people need help getting testing, and Solv created that environment for me.” Youngblood-McDaniel says. “We told patients to call if they had problems, but nobody called back because it was so easy to use. They would just show up in an hour for their appointment.”

Solv’s platform is so intuitive that Youngbloood-McDaniel says that patients were able to navigate the new system largely on their own. With address, clickable directions, clear self-pay pricing and insurance information, the system guides patients to make appointments, offering appointment times that help balance the labs schedule at the same time.

Patient balancing is one of the key benefits of the Solv platform. Online booking through Solv helps partners shift 33% of their patients to off peak-times, lessening stress on staff and offering an unhurried, attentive patient experience. The ease of adoption also reduced the number of help calls, freeing up staff for other tasks.

Easy Adoption, Fast Rollout

One of the most important aspects of the Solv’s partnership with Reliant Scientific was its easy learning curve for her staff. While some balked at learning a new platform, she says that tech support and tutorials made for an easy adoption period.

“Solv is just easy to use,” Youngblood-McDaniel says.

When Reliant Scientific first decided to partner with Solv, Youngblood-McDaniel was met with resistance from an overworked staff that balked at learning new software. But with training support from Solv, the staff of Reliant quickly mastered the platform and customized it to easily transfer to their current LIS.

Solv also offered scalable options. Reliant Scientific currently operates three locations with an option for a fourth location coming soon. Solv Pay and scheduling allows multiple locations to operate as a cohesive unit.

Low Cost, High Reward

Youngblood-McDaniel says that Solv offered a cost-effective solution for their business.

“It’s just inexpensive. It saves time and money, and I’ve been able to hire more people because of it, and it’s creating a great first impression of the lab.”

Not only does Solv help save labor dollars, it offers low cost bookings. Online bookings through Solv cost just $1, compared to $40-$50 invested in Google Ads.

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