Patient Experience

Creating Patient Magic

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Consumers today simply expect more: control, certainty, transparency, convenience. These expectations are sometimes challenging to fulfill, but when you fluidly weave them into your business, you create magic!

Confession: this ebook isn’t really about learning magic tricks. But by applying what you’ll learn here, you’ll delight your patients in the same way magicians win over their audiences. No tricks or gimmicks. It’s simply about creating the ultimate patient experience, which in the eyes of many patients, is magical.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize consumer expectations throughout all social and commercial settings, understanding those people are your patients
  • Establish a solid foundation for meeting and exceeding patient expectations at your urgent care
  • Develop and implement systems that create a better patient experience before the patient ever arrives at your clinic
  • Address training and processes in advance so a patients in-clinic experience and departure are completely seamless
  • Listen actively to what patients say through words and actions, and respond to their feedback actively

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