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Flu-Proof Your Clinic

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Flu season is the busiest time of the year for urgent care centers. Operators typically see anywhere from 25-100% increase in volume during the period between December and February, which in turn equates to a large portion of their annual patient mix presenting with flu-related symptoms.

This guide will help you focus your efforts on managing patient flow, fostering patient communication, and responding to patient feedback. Feel confident that you are truly putting your best foot forward this year!

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the impact the flu season has on urgent care volume, and why it's critical to be prepared
  • Learn to anticipate the timing of flu cases and how to react with scheduling, training, and workflow improvements
  • Set appropriate expectations for patients, delight them in little ways, and turn flu season into a loyalty driver
  • Communicate effectively with your patients - before, during, and following their visits - maintain understanding and quality of care
  • Leverage patient feedback to respond to respond to both trends and individual patient needs, improving your operations

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