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Front Desk Field Guide

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Front desk staff at urgent care centers have a big job that requires them to juggle many responsibilities at once. Unfortunately, they aren’t always equipped with the resources needed to do their job. When this happens, both front desk staff and physicians end up overworking to the point of burnout. This causes morale to go down and patients feel it, creating a catch-22 that can impact all elements of a practice.

Solv believes that by empowering front desk staff to make decisions, urgent care centers can run at full capacity with optimal efficiency while creating an environment that is positive for both staff and patients.

Learning objectives:

  • Create a great first impression - both personally and with your environment - to set the stage for quality customer service through the visit
  • Calm patient concern about both health insurance and visit cost by learning to answer their questions clearly and concisely
  • Manage anxious and irritated patients while maintaining your own composure and mental health
  • Successfully manage a practice that supports both walk-in patients and reservations while maintaining your on-demand culture
  • Align the front desk staff and the providers to each focus on delivering patient-centric care that keeps your patients coming back

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