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Secrets of Successful Urgent Care

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Making sure that you reach patients in their time of need, when they have a minor illness or injury, is one of the biggest business challenges that urgent care operators face. And, while walk-in patients likely make up a good percentage of your business, urgent care is transitioning to an appointment culture fueled by technology. In order to retain current patients while attracting new ones, you need to make sure you can keep up with the changes.

Solv wanted to help urgent care operators understand the opportunities to reach more patients, increase satisfaction and build loyalty. We talked to a ton of patients about what matters to them. Then, we translated these insights into actionable optimizations you can make so your urgent care center stands ahead of your competition. These are the most important things they want before, during, and after an urgent care visit. Let’s take a look.

Learning objectives:

  • Leverage technology to increase patient volume and satisfaction
  • Use transparency to create patient loyalty and trust
  • Identify and address obstacles in your center's booking flow
  • Implement mobile appointment booking to improve wait times

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