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Telemed & COVID-19 Testing

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The emergence of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic have markedly changed consumer behavior in the convenient care space. In-person convenient care visit volumes have decreased between 20% and 70%. The decline has forced as many as 18% of clinic operators to either close their doors or drastically reduce their hours. 

Of paramount concern is keeping staff and patients safe during this time by limiting direct contact via workflow and treatment modalities while at the same time, giving proper attention to financial viability.  

Adoption of telemedicine, phone screening, on-line registration, digital triage, and in-car/parking lot evaluation strategies have increased drastically. We expect to see increased adoption of these new workflows over the weeks and months to follow. 

In-person visits will begin to increase as social restrictions lift, but will unlikely return to pre-2020 levels. These new strategies will need to be further refined for market-specific needs and hard-wired into the business in order for convenient care operators to be successful in the future.

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