How Live Urgent Care Attracts 77% of Their New Patients From Solv

How Live Urgent Care Attracts 77% of Their New Patients From Solv

Live Urgent Care uses Solv to attract new patients, streamline their user experience, and create workflows that make load balancing more efficient for staff.

“Solv is essentially taking all of our marketing efforts and doubling them. Through their domain authority, Solv gives our online marketing efforts an authoritative backing that bolsters every other tactic,” says Brian Higgins, Director of Marketing at Live Urgent Care

The quick view:

  • 77% of new patients came from Solv in 2021
  • 488 minutes saved per day with digital registration
  • 50% lower wait times for patients that booked online
  • 7650 5-star reviews on Solv in 2021

Starting Strong With Solv

When Live Urgent Care opened its doors in November of 2020, it knew it needed a way to attract and retain patients while lessening stress on front office staff. Their inception coincided with some of the most significant demands for testing and urgent care services during the pandemic.

Live Urgent Care founder and CEO Browlyn Marquez says he was familiar with Solv from a former position. He knew that its intuitive patient interface and the ability to integrate into Live Urgent Care’s EMR would save time and effort for both staff and patients.

Offering COVID-19 testing, urgent care, and telehealth, Live Urgent Care needed the flexibility of a multifunctional platform like Solv. With complete API integration with their EMR, their front desk staff can focus on customer satisfaction rather than just paperwork.

Amplifying Marketing Reach

One of the most beneficial aspects of partnering with Solv is patient outreach. For an urgent care just starting out, this is key. Higgins and Marquez say that Solv helps them connect with patients and establishes authority and trust by offering hassle and problem-free interactions.

Solv features tools that boost visibility for partners, such as:

  • A listing on the Solv website, which receives traffic from 5 million patients per month
  • A featured listing on Solv’s directory, placing them higher than non-partner sites
  • Instant booking through Solv’s directory
  • Loyalty profiles for easy rebooking for ongoing visits

Solv’s site offers a basis of authority and trust that proves compelling for future patients. In 2021, 77% of Live Urgent Care’s new patients came from Solv. Director of Marketing Brian Higgins says that partnering with Solv basically doubles their marketing efforts by putting them in the crosshairs of patients already searching for care.

“Very quickly, Solv helped us establish an authoritative, meaningful, professional presence online that we wouldn’t have been able to capture otherwise. In every market we're operating in—within a year's time—we are already one of the more highly reviewed clinics in any of the individual markets. Not just on Solv, but with Google reviews.” Brian Higgins, Live Urgent Care

As a relatively new practice, this placement is particularly impactful. Since its inception in 2020, Live Urgent Care has expanded to four locations with plans for four more in the coming months.

““Solv Connect is huge for us, from a marketing perspective. Through all of our marketing techniques combined—our website, Google ads, social media, print advertisement—that's responsible for bringing us about half of our patient volume. Solv is responsible for the other half.” - Brian Higgins”

Easy User interface

Instant booking through the Solv site is just one reason that patients love Solv. Marquez says that the platform's simplicity makes it easy for patients to navigate, from uploading identification to booking appointments to getting test results.

That clean interface inspires quite a bit of brand loyalty, especially for patients who are open to using telemedicine and in-person services.

“I have patients who use telemedicine as self triage. For example, I had a patient last week who did telemedicine for pink eye. She's actually an undergraduate student in Ohio, but because she's used us before and she knows that we offer telemedicine, she booked an appointment with us rather than going to an urgent care in Ohio. I've also had patients use it for simple things like medication refills; they would book a telemedicine appointment. It helps with customer retention," says Browlyn Marquez, CEO.

That customer loyalty is also reflected in their reviews. Live Urgent Care maintains a 4.8 Google rating across all four current locations. With more than 7,000 5-star reviews on Solv, their reputation for excellence is cemented within the platform.

Efficient Tools Create Customer Service Wins

Using Solv keeps a constant flow of new patients coming through the door. The intuitive interface from a staff standpoint helps decrease stress and allows for better patient satisfaction.

Higgins says that the front desk team loves Solv for its simplicity, pleasing aesthetic, and many functional capabilities.

According to Higgins, “It’s very helpful for people that we're training because a huge portion of what they need to do on any given day can be done within one system. We don’t have to train them on Solv, and then another system for another task, and then a different software for a third task. It makes it so much simpler for bringing new people in because it’s all in one place.”

Once the staff is trained on the Solv platform, the benefits start rolling in. Using EMR integration, Live Urgent Care staff saved 51 hours and 18 minutes in just one month.

Marquez says that the ability to integrate saves so much time that they can run a leaner crew without stress because of decreased workload in the front office. This can be the difference between serving patients efficiently versus sometimes turning them away with ongoing staffing shortages.

“We're able to register just as many patients as clinic A with no direct integration with all that half the staff,” says Marquez.

Raising Profits and Decreasing Stress

Anyone that works in a medical practice knows that efficiency dies with each piece of paper the front office has to touch. With pre-booked appointments and digital registration, patient onboarding becomes quick and efficient. What does that mean? More patients completed and more money toward the bottom line.

On this topic, Higgins notes that “Solv has increased efficiency so that we can handle the highs. We don’t have to worry about the upper limit of things, particularly when it comes to COVID testing.”

When COVID surged in the fourth quarter of 2021, Higgins says that Solv’s capabilities allowed them to handle a much higher patient volume than usual.

“Volume was so insanely high that any inefficiency in the registration process, anything that created some kind of time delay, was going to turn into patients that we had to turn away,” Higgins says.

Because of their ability to pre-book appointments, Live Urgent Care was able to keep wait times to 15 minutes or less throughout the height of the December surge. As people scrambled for COVID tests before the holidays, this low wait time meant more patients served and more profits for Live Urgent Care.

A Platform that Performs

Those bookings translate to real profits–with 30,000 bookings through Solv at $120 per patient, Live Urgent Care’s use of Solv's platform translates to $3.6 million in revenue.

By reducing the time and effort needed by front office staff and raising the bar for how many patients they can serve, Live Urgent is creating a model based on efficiency that leads to profitability.

Are you ready to increase your profits, decrease stress, and keep patients satisfied? Request a demo with our team today to learn more.

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