Solv + Calibrater = Complete Patient Experience for Urgent Care

Solv + Calibrater = Complete Patient Experience for Urgent Care

We spend nearly all of our time at Solv’s thinking about how we can work together with the convenient care industry to help improve the healthcare experience for consumers. As we work with more and more urgent care centers across the country, we’ve learned how important is to not only enable these healthcare providers in offering more consumer-centric encounters, but to also give them that tools can manage and report on patients’ actual experiences.  

Today Solv is excited to announce our next step in bettering the patient experience, a partnership with Calibrater Health to enable urgent care operators to gain actionable insights from patient survey data. Through this partnership, Calibrater Health becomes the latest platform to join Solv’s Data Connect program, which pledges to deliver open and interoperable solutions to the convenient care industry.

Solv and Calibrater have developed an integration between their respective platforms that automatically creates events within Calibrater’s system when a clinic patient with a negative experience is identified by Solv, allowing clinic operators to proactively follow-up and remedy the patients’ concerns.

“The team at Solv tirelessly explores new ways to grow patient volumes for our urgent care partners by improving patient experiences. Our partnership with Calibrater fits perfectly into this mission,” said Heather Fernandez, Co-Founder and CEO or Solv. “This integration gives our combined partners a 360 degree of the clinic experience and how it is impacting practice growth.”

Data Connect is Solv’s interoperability platform, facilitating data partnerships with other healthcare technology providers, including EHR systems. We believe it’s important that the urgent care industry has both choice and support for a variety of technology platforms that ultimately support the needs of consumers.

“Calibrater has created a highly reputable patient survey and tracking solution used by thousands of healthcare providers, including urgent care centers,” said Stephen Rossi, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Solv. “This partnership with them will allow those centers to unify their patient experience data through Solv to create actionable insights for these clinics.”

The integration is offered at no cost to urgent care centers using both Solv and Calibrater.

To learn more about the collaboration between Solv and Calibrater Health, or Solv’s Data Connect platform, email Solv at [email protected]

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